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Wagner Project Assessment[edit]

B class (high end). Substantial. This is just an assessment with a few comments, not a peer review. The article could benefit from:

  • More rigorous inline referencing - which at the moment only covers Wagner controversies.
  • More pictures.
  • Media files moved to individual opera articles - assuming they are worth keeping at all.
  • A separate Wagner bibliography.
  • A list of musical compositions (at the moment there is only a list of operas).
  • A list of publications (essays, polemics, biographical works etc.)

There are probably many other things that could be done. Perhaps it's time for a thorough-going review? -- Kleinzach 10:05, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

Agree with B-class and all of the above comments. Additional things that occur to me:

  • Parts of the article look rather sloppy, there are statements not aligned with those in related articles (e.g. Ludwig Geyer) and there is a certain amount of drivel, e.g. the section on "Here comes the Bride"). Detailed copy-editing seems to me to be required.
  • The overall structure and balance of the article needs looking at...
  • ... in relation to which, and as the article is really quite long, I wonder whether there ought to be more spin-off articles rather than just the one. If FA status is to be aimed for with any seriousness - and I don't see why it shouldn't - I'd suggest a look at William Shakespeare, which was promoted recently and has numerous spinoffs.
  • The Wagner controversies article is the only spin-off, and I'd say that the Controversies section here could be reducd to a few pithy sentences.

--GuillaumeTell 15:31, 3 October 2007 (UTC)