Tiger Lake (microarchitecture)

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Tiger Lake
Architecture and classification
Instructionsx86-64, Intel 64
Physical specifications
PredecessorIce Lake (Architecture)
SuccessorSapphire Rapids (unknown)

Tiger Lake is an Intel CPU microarchitecture based on the third-generation 10 nm process node (named "10nm++").[1] It will replace Ice Lake.[2] It's representing the Optimization step in Intel's Process-Architecture-Optimization model

Tiger Lake is slated to include quad-core 9W TDP and 25W TDP models.[3] It will power some 2020 "Project Athena" laptops.[4]


  • Intel Willow Cove CPU cores (big core design).
  • The performance of Willow Cove is forecasted to be up to 30% increase clock for clock compare to Sunny Cove.
  • L1 instruction cache increase to 48KiB (12 way associativity, up from 32KiB) and data cache remain 48KiB (12 way associativity), L2 cache increase to 1.25MiB per core (20 way associativity, up from 512KiB 8 way associativity), 3MiB L3 cache per core.
  • L1 cache line increase to 128 bytes (up from 64 bytes since the Pentium 4 era), L2/L3 cache line increase to 256 bytes (up from 128 bytes since Core 2 Duo release)
  • Instruction fetch line increase from 16 bytes to 32 bytes, increase instruction decoder up to six (up from 4 way decoding since Core 2 Duo).
  • L4 cache will be reintroduced with HBM technology on some mobile model SKU and size can be up to 2GB.
  • Desktop SKU will have separate PCI Express controller design and move it back to its Platform Controller Hub (PCH).
  • Intel Xe ("Gen12") GPU with up to 96 execution units[5]
  • Latest Display Technology
  • Next Gen I/O Technology
  • PCIe Gen 4 Support

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