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The Turkhel (Urdu: ترک خیل‎) is a Niazi Pushtun a tribe found in the Mianwali District of Punjab, Pakistan.[1]

History and origin[edit]

According to traditions, the Turkhel were originally [Gharsani khattak(people live in mountains), who took to agriculture. The word Khel in Pashto means tribe and Tur means Black.

Like other tribes of the district, they are trilingual, speaking Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu. According to 1901 census during British Raj, they numbered about 250.[2]


They are mainly found in the towns of Kalabagh and Marri Indus, in the Isakhel Tehsil of Mianwali District.[1]

Many have now migrated to Karachi, and are involved in transportation business in the city.


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