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The mouths of fools are their ruin, and their lips a snare to themselves. Proverbs 17Proverbs 18:7 from Sojourners, affiliated with Jim Wallis

This user registered at SimpleWikipedia as   गीता Brothersun - dispelling the clouds of ignoranceI am Brothercanyouspareadime   Rationale: Brother Sun is easier to remember for people with cognitive impairments or who are English as a second language learners. If in the future I decide to post on WIkipedia in that UID's name, it will probably be either because I am transferring to it as my main account or more likely because it will be used for either (a) simplification work (b) work on a specific subset which will make it easier for patrol persons and others to review my contributions in that topic area without a lot of scrolling. Please note that is all perfectly within guidelines and in no way raises any red flags as long as there is full disclosure and no "sock editing". Socking in essense is the use of different accounts to create a false impression of support for a viewpoint by posting in different names. There are many variations but the essence is deceptiveness, bad faith or schlocky work which is contrary to the spirit and formal purposes of WMF.

System-users.svg This username is an alternative account of Geofferybard.


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User:Brothercanyouspareadime|Brothercanyouspareadime]] (talk) 19:12, 23 February 2011 (UTC)

System-users.svg This user has an alternative account named disclosed to ArbComm.

Although that account is linked to my real name the main reason that account is not disclosed is because I don't want a contentious bad vibe argument about an unrelated topic muddying the waters regarding these edits. That account tread where angels fear to treat and was subject to what IMO is harassment. For the time being - to get work done on the issues noted by this account - I need a break from the highly opinionate POV admins who have essentially taken over a certain topic area and fortified themselves with admin privileges to stomp down less experienced or less privileged users. THERE IS NOT CROSS EDITING ON TOPICS USED BY THAT ACCOUNT. Eventually I probably will link these accounts, but ArbComm has not required that. There are zero edits from that account on *********my contributions here, and vice versa, so there is not even an appearance of any socking.

Affiliations of this user account[edit]

WikiProject History of Science This user is a member of the History of Science WikiProject.

Comment Code Adopted from Sojourners[edit]

Comment Code of Conduct

I will express myself with civility, courtesy, and respect for every member of the Sojourners online community, especially toward those with whom I disagree—even if I feel disrespected by them. (Romans 12:17-21)

I will express my disagreements with other community members' ideas without insulting, mocking, or slandering them personally. (Matthew 5:22)

I will not exaggerate others' beliefs nor make unfounded prejudicial assumptions based on labels, categories, or stereotypes. I will always extend the benefit of the doubt. (Ephesians 4:29)

I will hold others accountable by clicking "report" on comments that violate these principles, based not on what ideas are expressed but on how they're expressed. (2 Thessalonians 3:13-15)

I understand that comments reported as abusive are reviewed by Sojourners staff and are subject to removal. Repeat offenders will be blocked from making further comments. (Proverbs 18:7)


Wikipedia policy does not require that user accounts be cross-linked, at all, however I have voluntarily disclosed my name to ArbComm because my goals are consistent with their policies and the Wikimedia Foundation mission.

Kindness is better than biting!

If this is a picture of you, go away and stay off my talk page. FAQ: ==Should not be necessary to sacrifice All Privacy to edit on Wikipedia ==


Q: Why do you use two (and a half) accounts? (Huh? Huh? ... )

A: No worry. Aggregation, Thematization and Vibes (feeling-tone). Aggregation Advantages 1) Collaborators on my projects and task forces can look at ********my contributions, and they are all in a consistent topic area. They do not have to scroll down and mentally filter out tons of contributions on completely different topic areas. It's all right there under one topically focused account. 2) I can look at *******my contributions and they are all in a consistent topic area. This is useful formulating planning, self-criticizing for possible POV, and development of a wikibook, wikiversity course cirriculum. 3) Folks invited (which includes you and anyone else) to offer critique and coaching can also use that feature which is especially good for people who don't have a lot of time to spare to learn the ins and outs of wikipedia culture but who have good expertise in the topic area. Please note that one of the major issues confronting Wikipedia is the possible alienation of issue experts, as it is. This creative use of wikipedia software makes a more user friendly environment for issue area experts who can collaborate with me on the social services and humanities areas of concentration without having to weed through a lot of irrelevant posts. 3) When I Talk to users, Brothercanyouspareadime has a nice ring to it, with a plea for compassion. My other UID has the wrong kind of name for this work. Actually, I don't even like it very much and may phase it out all together. (That's already happening.) 3a.) Note: Some users, including what I call the Blue Meanies may jump to the conclusion that just because my UID tends to create a climate of tolerance for panhandlers, that they have a license take that the wrong way,and automatically suspect me of POV. Frankly, there is a lot of hate speech on the web directed against panhandlers and I have found some of it on Wikipedia talk pages.

That is what gave me the idea of creating this account.

Those people are not POV. They are basing their chat on incidents in which they took offense at a panhandler in their town. But Wikipedia is not the place to bitch about people in your town that bug you nor is it the place to "get even". It is the place to cite written material which rises to encyclopedia quality. That means, preferably, peer reviewed or otherwise academically respectable articles. It does not mean to cite chat boards or something you heard on the street.

I believe that this UID sounds like it is leaning toward more compassion for panhandlers than they would like. They believe that compassion=POV. I disagree. But some of them have more power so rather than get sucked into arguments, I might decide to use Brother Sun instead of Brother_Can_You_Spare_a_Dime. That way, I am not so obviously "soft on panhandlers", but I can still be (i) compassionate, and spread compassion, and radiate compassion and (ii) I can still be easily associated with Brother_Can_You_Spare_a_Dime. That prevents even the appearance of impropriety or the appearance of "socking" but lets me gradually retire this UID which is like waving a red flag and attracts POV accusations like spilled honey at a Dixie cookout.

Note to checkusrs: I post from a public educational system and therefore my IP # may have stuff from computers used by students at the same library. Obviously for which posts I disavow all knowledge and responsibility. As stated I rigorously abstain from any and all "sock edits" and I have studied what they are so I can be sure not to make them inadvertantly. N(o loading of apparent opinion, no cross-congratulation, not editing the same page from the differen accounts.

Multiple accounts are useful in a number of ways. For instance, if you track my contributions, it is helpful if they are topically sorted. WIP:Warming_center - Homelessness - Please sign up for the new Proposed Wikipedia Homelessness Project here!

Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 11 years, 3 months and 15 days.

Welcome Who What and Why of This Account[edit]

(needs update and revision) Hi! This is a specialized account primarily for work on homelessness, houselessness, warming centers and related categories. Because these topics are at times controversial, this account is reserved for "anonymous" edits by this user primarily to avoid intermingling of antagonists. According to Wikipedia policy, this user (1) made full prior disclosure to ArbComm (2) above and beyond what is required by Wikipedia Policy, to show good faith and (3) never edits from other accounts on the same topics, which would be "socking".

How and Why of This Account[edit]

I started this account mainly when I noticed that the homelessness pages were not quite up to standard and many important topics such as warming centers did not exist. My purpose is not to violate NPOV but rather to correct the two main problems with the prior homelessness pages: (1) (a)edits apparently written by people who may have limited-time access to the web, such a public library time in half hour chunks and who (b)may themselves be coping with homelessness and its ancillary problems such as difficulty in finding places to obtain a good night's sleep, nutritional deficits, and, in some cases, perhaps thought disordersassociated with drug, alcohol or psychiatric disorders. And also (2) edits apparently written by people with questionable NPOV due to dystonic personal experiences with persons percieved as homeless such as panhandling. Indeed, the talk pages had many comments where people flamed on and on about "this hobo and that hobo", rather than sticking to information based upon citations. If it is the case that homeless people are terrible lousy nefarious n'er do wells, that would be original research unless cited. The fact that someone has a wikipedia account and got panhandled and were annoyed, offended or frightened by a panhandler is not verifiable.

Notice: The main account is readily traceable to the editor but not in the name of this user. Because the main account is not in the name of the user the privacy exception is stretch and that is why an ArbComm disclosure was necessitated and performed. Thus, this account is compliance under the privacy exception. Good faith is also a necessary but not sufficient factor and the spirit of wiki-proper editing is important. But good faith alone is not enough - it is important to also have the skills and wiki-savy to be sure not to disrupt the group project and its goals. For instance, it is important not to ever utilize alternative accounts to create a false illusion of multiple user support for another viewpoint,or to praise another account which the same user controls. These are sock tactics which I frequently used to encounter as a Yahoo editor and user and they are generally linked to an agenda in which NPOV is thrown out the window.

If You Are New To Wikipedia, Skip To Here![edit]

If you are new to wikipedia, the above discussion probably does not interest you so please start here. I recommend you read the various new user help. But if you are attracted to wikipedia because you are interested in the topic I edit on, or because you were invited to take an interest in wikipedia at a public meeting on homelessness or related topics, my remarks below may be particularly pertinent.

RECAP of above material: It's spirit is to enable NPOV edit of the somewhat disorganized body of pages dealing with homeless related issues - usually written by troubled individuals living in awful conditions, with time limited access to public library computers, or by angry people who hate "bums" and weave subtly oppressive language into the mix. My goal is good NPOV material on these topics.

Wikipedia is not a dictionary for demagogues[edit]

One of my issues is that this is not a dictionary and we don't need entries for every form of derogatory word: bum, troll, vagrant, tramp, hobo, etc. One entry under vagabond will suffice.

  गीता Brother Can You Spare A Dime - Unsparingly correcting prejudicial edits 


The Yahoo pages operated by this editor are where this editor puts advocacy and original research. This user does not use Wikipedia to promote her or his Yahoo list servs and does not even name them. Wikipedia is where this editor practices NPOV.

But much of wikipedia on these topics is not NPOV. My "agenda" - to create a Wikipedia Project on homeless/houseless issues. If people who are hostile to homeless in their community want to participate, I have no problem with that. Let's all just stick to NPOV and wikipedia policies and procedures. I do have a problem with a lot of the talk page discussion on homeless where people relate personal anecdotes of "bums" who have annoyed them.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia based on existing published research. If you want to create a new original thesis,I do that on talk,or on Yahoo list serves, but not belong on article main names spaces.

This user has a full disclosure filed with ArbComm relating to the matter of linking to the main account. This is due to the personal privacy exemption and am merely double checking. Note also that "socking" is related to the undisclosed use of alternative accounts to create an illusion of multiple user support for a viewpoint. My primary concerns are to buffer the litigious, opinionated edit warring and threats of wikilitigation which have assailed my main account by a user with high admin privileges and experience but with an obvious, opinionated agenda of excluding vast classes of mainstream opinion from expression on wikipedia. All issues with that individual and his associates are conducted from other username and in no way is this account involved with any of the long process of Arbcom appeals, edit war rebuffs which would obviously be required to get to a true NPOV on the topics which said user seeks to monopolize in favor of the narrow viewpoint represented by said user. A big part of the problem is the long standing affiliation of that minoritarian viewpoint with English language imperial expansion, specifically British foreign policy and US foreign policy. All of that will be taken up by the main account or accounts linked to the main account. This alternate account is in no way involved with editing on [redacted] affairs and thus the hinted-at blocks would not interupt this important work.

Conversely, the topics of homelessness attract a certain class of people such as who post on newspaper message boards about the "bums" and "vagrants" etcetera...It is only fair on the user account which is engaged in academically-based work in other fields not be subject to stalking and ham handed administrative interference by persons grinding an axe based upon edits made pursuit to this account's specialization.

For security reasons this account to prevent vandalism from people who hate the homeless and their advocates. Hash protection: A hash has been created to protect this account utilizing 792a5ff2fd36bcfd60abcca32e2800071de588c2 bigdadstatementuptoandincludingthetwoadmonitions Note that hacking is a felony and not worth the trouble it may cause you. See also ==

Kindness is better than biting!

Legitimate usesPolicy shortcuts: WP:Multiple Accounts WP:SOCK#LEGIT

Alternative accounts have legitimate uses. For example, long-term contributors using their real names may wish to use a pseudonymous account for contributions with which they do not want their real name to be associated, or long-term users might create a new account to experience how the community functions for new users. If you use an alternative account, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not violate this policy. Reasons include:

Security: Since public computers (which I use) can have password-stealing trojans or keyloggers installed, users may register an alternative account to prevent the hijacking of their main accounts.



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Hi, Wikipedia:WikiProject Indigenous peoples of the Americas has been created but it's brand new so completely open to suggestions. There's also Wikipedia:WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America and Wikipedia:WikiProject Mesoamerica. Cheers, -Uyvsdi (talk) 22:59, 26 February 2011 (UTC)Uyvsdi