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editing wikipedia since 14:15, 20 June 2005

articles i started[edit]

King Island Emu - Réunion Shelduck - Mauritian Shelduck - Mauritian Duck - Red Rail - Rodrigues Rail - Tahitian Red-billed Rail - Réunion Swamphen - Mascarene Coot - Réunion Night Heron - Rodrigues Night Heron - Ryukyu Woodpigeon - Réunion Pink Pigeon - Mauritius Blue Pigeon - Rodrigues Grey Pigeon - Black-fronted Parakeet - Mascarene Parrot - Rodrigues Parrot - Réunion Red-and-green Parakeet - Cuban Red Macaw - Delalande's Coua - Réunion Kestrel - Réunion Owl - Mauritius Owl - Rodrigues Owl - Ryŭkyŭ Kingfisher - South Island Piopio - Bonin Grosbeak - Bonin Thrush - Arabian Ostrich - Tasmanian Emu - Pied Raven - Daito Varied Tit - Mukojima White-eye - Astraptes (see also A. fulgerator below) - Spilomelinae - Evergestinae - Branta - Anser (genus)(including Chen (genus)) - Malagasy warbler - Mylagaulidae - Bird ichnology - Piesmatidae - Aglycyderini - Metrioxenini - Oxycorynini - Pleidae - Capniidae - Brassy ringlet - Tenebrioninae - Carcineretidae - List of Masdevallia species - List of Dendrochilum species - Odonatoptera - Gleicheniaceae - Chioninia - Eutropis - Odorrana - Pelophylax - Bursaphelenchus - Cladonematidae - Argentiniformes - Phycitinae - Galleriinae - Tineodidae

stubs i started[edit]




Pure "rescue" stubs (to correct erroneous redirects and disambigs)

articles i unstubbed[edit]

New Caledonian Lorikeet - Laysan Rail - Hawaiian Rail (arguably; description still missing) - Mariana Mallard - Silvery Pigeon - Laysan Millerbird - Mysterious Starling - Tuamotu Sandpiper - Heath Hen - Canarian Black Oystercatcher - Kokia cookei (wasn't stub tagged, probably should have been) - Azure Kingfisher (wasn't stub tagged, definitely should have been) - Sapeornis - Megalaimidae - Lybiidae - Ediacaria - Titicaca Flightless Grebe - Bradypodion - Oxpecker - Cherry-throated Tanager - Piksi - Baptornis - Scaniornis - Mauritius Parakeet (wasn't stub tagged, probably should have been) - Saltator (mainly copyediting) - Fatu-liva - Guadalupe Storm-petrel - Black Scoter (mainly copyediting) - Coues' Gadwall (AKA Washington Island Gadwall) - Socorro Dove - Gallornis - Concornis - Ground squirrel - Desmodium - Meliphagoidea - Teraina - Badisis ambulans - Nepomorpha - Rhacophorus bipunctatus - Heliconiinae - Bythinella bicarinata - Julidochromis - Redtail butterflyfish (arguably, similar articles were not stub tagged; I did this more by accident) - Caryocar brasiliense - Black-chested Eagle-buzzard (taxo nightmare galore) - Black-and-white Hawk-eagle (to resolve the preceding taxo nightmare) - Alchornea glandulosa - Stupendemys - Lamasina - Portunoidea - Aurantioideae - Vijayachelys silvatica - Buller's Shearwater - Gleicheniales - Saxifrage - Theritas - Geronticus - Leptolebias - Anostomidae - Syrmaticus - Arhopala - Fejervarya - Evaniidae - Cochranella pulverata - Cochranella oyampiensis - Eremopezus - Colaptes - Ashy-throated Parrotbill - Nicobar Bulbul - Hypsipetes - Hemixos - Dasornis - Osteodontornis - Odontopteryx - Macrodontopteryx - Pelagornis - Gigantornis - Pelagornithidae (expand 20x. Heh.) - Epalzeorhynchos - Barbus (wasn't stub tagged, probably should have been) - Rodrigues Starling (another expand 20x) - Giant Antpitta - Blastobasidae (wasn't stub tagged, probably should have been) - Oegoconia quadripuncta - Goniographa - Eugraphe - Lespedeza - Photinus (beetle) (wasn't stub tagged, probably should have been) - Pyralini (self started) - Pyralinae (self started) - Pyralis pictalis - Many-plumed moth - Tessema sensilis - Clarkeophlebia argentea - Epicephala spinula - Caloptilia insidia - Galbula

pet articles[edit]

and pages linked from the above, and so on.


this user considers every redlinked taxon fair game. the more obscure and freaky, the better.

recent major contributions[edit]

major minor contributions[edit]

Pelagic Cormorant - Porphyrio - Gallirallus - Gruiformes - Laornis - Shanks (and tattlers of course) - Catharus - Carola's Parotia (check out the videos) - Chiffchaff (systematics) - Cairina (systematics) - Motacilla (systematics) - European Robin (minor makeover) - Grebe (systematics, evolution & fossil record) - Great Horned Owl (subspecies) - Raphinae (subfamily now, and justification for why) - Mallard (systematics and hybridization) - Fuerteventura Chat - Kanaloa (botany) (refs) - Mimic (minor makeover) - Polyplectron (systematics) - Armadillo (needs much work still, but not by me) - Hippopotamidae (fossil record & systematics review) - Danaus (genus) (species) - Giant Penguin (AAHH KILL KILL KILL) Killed. Now Giant-penguin hoax - Hoatzin - Kestrels (evolution; Common Kestrel came out very nicely w/kewl pix and all) - Bryophyllum (makeover) - Charadriiformes (evolution) - Oropendolas and caciques (systematics) - Parrotbill (syst, phylo, taxo) - White-eye (ditto) - Māmane (ecology) - Palila (makeover) - Capitonidae (reorganization of barbets) - Tanager (makeover) - Bivalvia (systematics) - Grass Skippers (makeover) - Theclinae (makeover, add tribes) - Sierra Madre Sparrow (some field data) - Gastornis (overhaul pt.1) - Perrin's Beaked Whale (makeover) - American Kestrel (makeover) - Merlin (bird) (makeover) - German Rex (makeover) - American Keuda (details, standard) - Hesperornis (makeover) - Hesperornithes (ditto) - Geoemydidae (hybridization) - Limenitis procris (basically layout; looks nice tho.) - Mud-puddling (makeover) - Bursera simaruba (makeover) - Lupin (makeover) - Mimulus (makeover; quite an interesting little genus) - Opuntia (makeover, separated Opuntia and Cylindropuntia) - Corvidae (makeover) - Aristolochia (makeover) - Elopteryx (bye bye birdie) - Gigantopterid (makeover) - Senna obtusifolia (makeover, clarify taxonomy. Plus: a nice 1150-year-old Chinese poem) - Astraptes fulgerator (arguably major, but the salient points are direct quotes) - Monk Parakeet (makeover) - Sandhill Crane (makeover) - Celestichthys margaritatus (makeover) - Tabebuia (makeover) - Sloth and Ground sloth (finally makes some sense) - Blue Jay (got a pic of every subspecies... yayyyyyyy) - Dark-eyed Junco (cleanup) - Kirtland's Warbler (One bird and its tree) - House Wren (makeover) - Common Pheasant (makeover) - Prosopis juliflora (mainly layout and names) - Coconut crab (makeover) - Vanellus (synonymy - gross as hell!) - Gastornis (overhaul pt.2) - Neuropterida (overhaul down to families) - Dombeya and some other Dombeyoideae stuff, Grewia - Buthidae (overhaul) - Piper (genus) (And for what? To be able to annotate 3 redlinks with a ref...) - Ground beetle (made an article out of a shameless commercial for using the "not harmful to [...] household pets" Cypermethrin (hint: don't use it if you like to keep fish... living fish that is.) to kill off beneficial creepy-crawlies) - Acrididae (and subfamilies; cleanup) - Cypriniformes stuff - Chaetodon (if they'll split it, Wikipedia is prepared now) - Swallow-tailed Hummingbird (copyedit and some circumstantial refs) - Solanum (copyedit of a taxonomic nightmare) - Smilax (copyedit - nice lil plants) - Passion flower (copyedit - marvellous plants. Perhaps the most beautiful of all plants.) - Saturniidae (basically wikifairy and some reference work. A good article already, needed some wikification) - Muscovy Duck (mainly copyedit, images) - Equisetum (copyedit) - Masdevallia (copyedit, split off species as List) - Impatiens (copyedit) - Iris (plant) (copyedit) - Garcinia (makeover) - Genipa (makeover/split, still needs expert attention) - Lesser Scaup (copyedit) - Tundra Swan (copyedit) - Common Teal (makeover) - Epilobium (makeover) - Potentilla (makeover) - Vicia (makeover) - Centaurea (makeover) - Oxalis (makeover) - Leafhopper (makeover) - Curculioninae (makeover) - Hemixos, Hypsipetes, Iole (genus), Microscelis, Tricholestes (systematics & taxonomy) - Darter (makeover) Xestia (makeover)

the dump[edit]

currently boxing:[edit]

citations for copy'n'paste[edit]


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  1. ^ "Astraptes is a genus of butterflies [...] investigated with DNA barcoding techniques [unreferenced] [...] It currently contains only one species: "Astraptes fulgerator"". [sic]. But: italicization was correct; one stands and wonders.