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Hi, I'm Martin Ng (Ng Ming Hong 伍明康) from Hong Kong. The nickname "minghong" is usually used instead as it is shorter and easier to type (for me). It also fits nicely with the 8.3 filename limitation in FAT partition (thought I've never used it). I graduated in computer science (Bachelor of Science) at City University of Hong Kong in 2005. I will start the Master of Science in Systems Engineering & Engineering Management programme from Chinese University of Hong Kong in the upcoming 2006-2007 academic year.

Since 2003, I've been editing various Wiki pages in the English Wikipedia, so as to correct the wrong/misleading information and fill the missing information that I think is important. Most of my contributions are related to Hong Kong, computing and anime/manga. I try to contribute as unbiased as possible. I was once being nominated for adminship, but failed.

Since 2004, I've been addicted to Mozilla, web standards, open source/free software, wiki and blogging. Now Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird are the default web browser and e-mail client respectively for my Windows 2000/XP machines. It is not likely to be changed in the foreseeable future: when it comes to web standards, usability, extensibility, customizability and security, Mozilla-based applications will hardly turn you down.

I've been spreading Firefox before the creation of Spread Firefox community site. In fact, in the starting of the semester A, 2004, I convinced the Department of Computer Science to install Firefox on the Windows workstations that are open to the CS students. I found that a significant proportion of my classmates is already using Firefox as their default browser. That's really exciting!

Besides spreading Firefox in the real life, I set up a team named "Spread Firefox" at September 26 2004. The team is hence known as "SFX@CP.NET" for short. Thanks to Robin Monks of MozNews, I was able to have an official website for the team. In less than 2.5 months, the team managed to become the second most productive team (but now being the seventeenth). The power of Firefox community is simply amazing!

After graduating in 2005, I work as a contract web application programmer in Avalade, a consultant company that offers marketing solutions based on open source software. Over the years, my title was changed twice and I'm now a permanent staff.

I've started hiking weekly since the end of 2007. Call me if you are interested in hiking in Hong Kong.

More about me[edit]

Contact information
Website Just Another Site
Blog Just Another Blog
Gallery Flickr
Social network Facebook
E-mail minghong AT gmail DOT com
ICQ 58613828
MSN (same as e-mail address)
Google Talk (same as e-mail address)
Skype minghongng
Date Institution Level
Sep 2006 - Apr 2008 Chinese University of Hong Kong MScSEEM
Sep 2001 - Jul 2005 City University of Hong Kong BScCS
Sep 1999 - Jun 2001 Chinese YMCA Secondary School Form 6-7
Sep 1994 - Jun 1999 King's College Form 1-5
Sep 1989 - Jun 1994 Li Sing Primary School AM Primary 2-6
Sep 1988 - Jun 1989 WWCWDHK Tang Shiu Kin Primary School Primary 1

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