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Australia map[edit]

This code will give you a locator map, just add the x and y values using the grid

Australia grid2.png
{| align=right
{{Superimpose| base = Australia_Locator_Blank.svg
  | base_width = 250px
  | base_caption = Australia
  | float = Locator_Dot.svg
  | float_width = 4
  | float_caption = 
  | x = 
  | y = 
<small>Location of </small>

Add caption here

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  • map on world cup, this would be useful elsewhere:

<div style="position: relative;"> [[Image:Germany WC.png|300px|]] {{Image label|x=0.83 |y=0.39 |scale=300|text=[[Berlin]]}} {{Image label|x=0.23 |y=0.565|scale=300|text=[[Dortmund]]}} {{Image label|x=0.335|y=0.77 |scale=300|text=[[Frankfurt]]}} {{Image label|x=0.19 |y=0.50 |scale=300|text=[[Gelsenkirchen]]}} {{Image label|x=0.485|y=0.225|scale=300|text=[[Hamburg]]}} {{Image label|x=0.46 |y=0.41 |scale=300|text=[[Hanover]]}} {{Image label|x=0.23 |y=0.87 |scale=300|text=[[Kaiserslautern]]}} {{Image label|x=0.15 |y=0.65 |scale=300|text=[[Cologne]]}} {{Image label|x=0.73 |y=0.58 |scale=300|text=[[Leipzig]]}} {{Image label|x=0.65 |y=1.09 |scale=300|text=[[Munich]]}} {{Image label|x=0.61 |y=0.86 |scale=300|text=[[Nuremberg]]}} {{Image label|x=0.39 |y=0.98 |scale=300|text=[[Stuttgart]]}} </div>

use {| class="wikitable"

  • References

<ref> </ref> <references/> (can also make smaller using: <div style="font-size: 85%;"><references/></div> ) reference cite souces meta

  • All my contributions are GNU licenced unless otherwise noted -- Astrokey44|talk 04:38, 7 March 2006 (UTC)


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