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Industry Food
Founded 1957
Headquarters Lincoln, Nebraska

Valentino's is a regional Italian restaurant chain based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Valentino's was founded by Val and Zena Weiler in 1957. The restaurant was purchased by two Lincoln families in 1971 and began franchising additional locations. The first carry-out store opened in 1990, and many of the full-scale restaurants converted to the buffet concept in the early-2000s.

As of October 2016, Valentino's has 36 locations in Nebraska and Minnesota. [1]


Opened a pizza-by-the-slice business in 1982 and expanded that to 45 units before selling it in 1985.[2]

2013 automobile incident[edit]

In 2013, a man reportedly had his foot stuck on the accelerator and drove right through the door of one establishment.[citation needed] While inside the car, the man tried to order a pizza.[citation needed]


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