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A Chokito, split

A Chokito is a chocolate covered chocolate bar containing caramel fudge with crisped rice,[1] manufactured by Nestlé Australia, Nestlé Switzerland and Nestlé Brazil.[2] The current slogan for Chokito in Australia is "big feed, big taste",[3] while in the 1970s the tag line was "Chokito gets you going".


Chokito was relaunched in 2010 in Australia with new packaging and a new recipe reformulation.[4] This included moving away from compound chocolate that was in the original formula. Also in 2010 was a new advertisting campaign based around a man barring club bouncers from entering places like bathrooms and a gym, saying the advertising's catchphrase, "No no no." The campaign, targeted at men 24-35, had 380,000 views in two weeks, on sites YouTube &[5] The new formulation Chokito was launched in New Zealand in 2012.

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