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Guptipara is an interesting mixture of history and culture

Guptipara is located in West Bengal
Location in West Bengal, India
Coordinates: 23°07′N 88°15′E / 23.11°N 88.25°E / 23.11; 88.25Coordinates: 23°07′N 88°15′E / 23.11°N 88.25°E / 23.11; 88.25
Country  India
State West Bengal
District Hooghly
 • Official Bengali, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Lok Sabha constituency Hooghly
Vidhan Sabha constituency Balagarh
CD Block

Guptipara is a rural town under Balagarh police station in Chinsurah subdivision[1] of Hooghly District in West Bengal, India. Guptipara is under the Dhaniakhali Telephone Area and the STD Code is 03213.


Guptipara is located at 23°11′N 88°25′E / 23.183°N 88.417°E / 23.183; 88.417

Guptipara is a rural town beside the Hooghly River, located between the three districts of Nadia, Hooghly and Burdwan. Due to its geographical significance, it is under the Hooghly-Burdwan Rice belt. And the paddy fields of Guptipara produces the finest rice in West Bengal. But the main attraction is the "Himsagar Aam" ( The most tasty mango on Indian soil). Apart from Malda, Mangoes of Guptipara have got some national fame.


Guptipara is the home of Bengal's first publicly organized community Durga Puja introducing Sri Bindhabasini Jagaddhatri Puja (Worshipping Devi Durga introduced by Lord Rama) with the club named Bindhyabasini, Nowadays it's also known as Bindhyabasini Mata. In 1760's ( Other opinion 1790's) when some men were stopped from taking part in a household Durga Puja by the Sen's (Former Kings of "Banga"). Twelve of them formed a committee and organised a modern club culture a "Barowari Puja" ( where baro means twelve and yaar means friend).[2][3] There is a difference of opinion about the year of worship – 1761 or 1790.[4][5]

Guptipara was one of the main places in ancient India where "Sanskrit Toles" were situated in large numbers, Still someone can find many of the oldest "Punthi"s in the preserved condition in "Sisir Bani Mandir Pathagar" the government library of Guptipara.

Guptipara is birth – place of legendary folk singer Bhola Moira, and the birthplace of the great Commander in Chief of King Siraj ud-Daulah, Mohanlal.

The temple complex at Guptipara houses four great Vaishnava Temples, namely Chaitanya, Brindabanchandra, Ramchandra and Krishnachandra. Out of which Ramchandra Temples contain some fantastic terracotta works.[2] All the structures bear characteristics of the Bengal school of architecture, with carvings depicting scenes from the epics and Puranas.[2]

Ramachandra Temple

Guptipara was a citadel of Vaishnavite culture. Even today, residents observe Ras, Dol and Rath-Yatra with great enthusiasm. Rath-Yatra is Guptipara’s greatest festival. The Guptipara Rath[disambiguation needed], one of the tallest and one of the oldest in West Bengal (Started in the time of Raja Krishnachandra), is said to cover the second longest distance in India (Only next to Puri). On the day before the Ultorath (The return of Lord Bridabanchandra to home) a festival known as "Bhandarloot" is observed in Guptipara. Many peoples across the eastern India comes here to pull the ropes of the Rath)

Guptipara is the home of the first branded Bengali sweet "Gupo sandesh", a special kind of sweet meal.[2]


The place can be reached from Kolkata or Howrah on Sub-urban Train service. Howrah - Katwa, Bandel - Katwa local trains stop at Guptipara Railway station. Train service is also available from Sealdah station, though less frequent in number. Guptipara is 75 km from Howrah & 35 km from Bandel on the Bandel-Katwa Branch Line.[6]

Guptipara is also connected with roadways including Assam (S.T.K.K.) Road.

Buses are available from Chinsurah (Kanla-Chinsurah 8 No.), Kalna[disambiguation needed] (Kanla-Chinsurah 8 No.), Burdwan (Guptipara-Burdwan) and Tarakeswar (Guptipara-Tarakeswar). "Ferry Service" to Guptipara is available from Shantipur and Tarapur. Autorikshow service available from Jirat (Jirat-Guptipara) and from Kalna (Kalna-Guptipara).


Sports is one of the basic needs of the people of Guptipara. Here you will get two clubs which are 120 years older. One is Guptipara Football Club and another is Aida Milani Sangha. And also there is a rival club of these clubs Guptipara Cricket Association.

GFC, GCA and Aida Milani Sangha arranges every year many big tournaments. Among which GCA's Guptipara Premier League in Cricket got some fame and came into spotlight of Bengal Media. In the year 2012 Mr. Koushik Rakshit was the highest paid player in the league with INR 28,000.00 per match. Station bazar Super King was the champion of the league where as Kingly Blue Rangers got the runner's trophy .


For its large area, Guptipara is divided into three administrative parts i.e. there are three Gram Panchayats in Guptipara. Guptipara -I covers the area like Guptipara Station Road, Satgachia, Bandhagachi, Pathmahal, Mirdanga, Tengripara, Saradanagar villages. Guptipara -II covers the largest area with Manasatala, Pathakpukur, Beldanga, Kumorpara, Chutorpara, Baburdanga, Aryanagar, Rathsadak, Jamtala, Behula, Ghoshpara, Sondolpur, Rampur, Aida, Baire and many small villages. Guptipara -III covers Fultala, Char-Krishnabati, Benali, Shaktipur etc. Villages.

Guptipara is under The Hooghly Lok Sabha and Balagarh Vidhan Sabha.

Current Heads of Administration in Guptipara:-[edit]

M.P.: Dr. Ratna De (Nag)

MLA: Mr. Asim Majhi

Zilla Parishad: Mr. Paritosh Ghosh

Pradhan Guptipara -I: Mrs. Padma Roy

Pradhan Guptipara -II: Mrs. Sonali Ghosh

Pradhan Guptipara -III: Mr. Sanjib Mahato


Guptipara has always been into spotlight in terms of education as in the older days there were many Sanskrit Tols in Guptipara.

Higher Secondary Schools[edit]

  1. Guptipara High School. (Estd. 1889, Near Guptipara police outpost, Bhattacharya Para. Co-Ed)
    Saroj Mohon Institute of Technology
  2. Guptipara Girls High School (Est. 1950, Manasatala)

Secondary Schools[edit]

  1. Satyabrata Balika Vidyalaya
  2. Char Krishnabati High School (Co-Ed)
  3. Satgachia High School (Co-Ed)
  4. Gonsaidanga High School (Co-Ed)
  5. Natagarh High School (Co-Ed)
  6. Sultanpur Pranabananda High School


  1. Saroj Mohon Institute of Technology (Diploma, Tengripara)
  2. Saroj Mohon Institute of Technology (B. Tech, Bandhagachi)

Festivals & Culture[edit]

Guptipara has always been an interesting place for Bengali & Indian culture, There are several reasons for which The Guptiparans can celebrate. Ratha Yatra, Jagadhatri Puja, Durga Puja, Dol Yatra, Jhapan, Kali Puja & many local festivals.

Ratha Yatra:

Ratha Yatra is the main attraction of Guptipara. The Guptipara Rath covers the second largest distance in India (Only after Puri Rath). Approximately 2 km. It starts from the temple complex in Lord Brindaban Chandra Temple to Gopal Temple at Burrabazar, Guptipara. Guptripara Rath is one of the largest in size also. Approx. 1 million peoples gathers here to celebrate The Ratha Yatra Here.

Jagaddhatri Puja:

There are several Barowari Committees and houses who organizes Jagadhatri Puja here. But The main attraction is the fire cracker competition and procession on the last evening of the Puja. All committees gathers in Rath Sadak Maidan with their idol and crackers. Lakhs of peoples from Guptipara and nearby gathers here to celebrate the moment. Its an ow some experience to have a view of the festival. And last but not the least The Bindhyabasini puja is one of the major attraction here. One of the oldest & prestigious puja is been organized in "Das Bari".

Durga Puja:

Like the other areas of Bengal Guptipara also hosts a lots of Durga Puja. Puja from the Sen's house is one of the oldest in Bengal. And the famous clubs who organizes Durga Puja are, Bandhagachi Barowari, Azad hind Club, SMIT, Jagarani Sangha, Durga Mandir, Nirbhik Sangha, Daspara Barowari, Bhumijpara Barowari, Swaralipi Club, Evergreen, Aryanagar Barowari and Sasthitala Barowari organizes big pujas and cultural programs here. And at least 100s small and big pujas been organized here.

Kali Puja:

The main attractions are Desh Kali Puja & Mashal Kali Puja (Deceits Kali). In this time again the peoples of Guptipara enjoys the festive mood. In the procession of Mashal Kali Puja, 108 flares used. now a cultural program going in guptipara high's guptipara high school's 125th birthday


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