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Neighbourhoods in Kolkata
Dakshineswar Kali Temple, built between 1847 and 1855
Dakshineswar Kali Temple, built between 1847 and 1855
Dakshineswar is located in Kolkata
Location in Kolkata
Coordinates: 22°39′20″N 88°21′28″E / 22.6554310°N 88.3578620°E / 22.6554310; 88.3578620Coordinates: 22°39′20″N 88°21′28″E / 22.6554310°N 88.3578620°E / 22.6554310; 88.3578620
Country  India
State West Bengal
City Kolkata
 • Official BengaliEnglish
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 700076
Telephone code +91-33
For the Kali temple, see Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Dakshineswar (Bengali: দক্ষিনেশ্বর) is a town under Kamarhati Municipality in Barrackpore subdivision of the city Kolkata in West Bengal. Belgharia Police Station of Barrackpore Police is responsible for law and order at Dakshineswar.

Installation of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple[edit]

On 31 May 1855 Rani Rashmoni had the Kali temple[1] along with twelve Shiva temples & a Radha Krisna temple on a single premises installed on the occasion of the Hindu festival of Snanyatra. It was a luxurious and flamboyant occasion. Brahmins invited for the installation came from as far as Kanauj, Chattagram, Odisha, and Navadwip. Each of them was gifted a silk garment and a gold coin. Thousands of people gathered to witness the spectacle. At the time, nine lakh rupees were spent by the Rani for this occasion.

Claim to fame[edit]

Dakshineswar became the workplace for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the famous 19th century saint of India, also regarded as an incarnation of God on earth by many. For the upcoming years Dakshineswar would witness spectacular sadhana and unparalled asceticism by Ramakrishna. It would eventually draw numerous intellectual and aristocratic hindus from the nearby city of Calcutta which was the capital of British Empire at that time.

Ramakrishna formed around him a gathering of spiritual aspirants that condensed into later Ramakrishna Mission. His greatest disciple Vivekananda would proclaim the superiority of vedic culture over others which eventually gave rise to Bengali nationalism that intensely affected India as a whole.

Thus Dakshineswar could be counted as an important place of origin of the great socio religious renaissance of India.

There is also another famous temple in Dakshineswar - the Adyapeeth[2]

On the West bank of Hoogli River (almost across Dakshineswar), is Belur Math, the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission, an association founded by Swami Vivekananda in 1897.

Before the temple was built, the nawabs of Chitpur used to hunt tigers at Dakshineswar.[3]


Apartment buildings at D D Mondal Ghat Road, Dakshineswar

Dakshineshwar is located at 22°39′20″N 88°21′28″E / 22.6554310°N 88.3578620°E / 22.6554310; 88.3578620.

It is situated alongside the Vivekananda Setu, in the North 24 Parganas district, north of Calcutta, on the East bank of Hoogli River, is famous for its temples. Dakshineswar is 14 km from Sealdah on the Sealdah-Dankuni section of Eastern Railway[4]

Places of Interest[edit]

Dakshineswar is full of many religious places like maths & temples. Along with Dakshineswar Kali Temple & Adyapeath there are famous places like Sri Sri Sarada Math, Jogoda Satsanga Ashram, Balananda Ashram, Alambazar Math (near Dakshineswar) and many other temples. Adyapeath has a large area which is full of educational & charitable organizations. Two bridges Vivekananda Setu/Bally Bridge(Formerly Willingdon Bridge estd. 1932) and Nivedita Setu which connect Dakshineswar with the other side of the river (Bally) are famous establishments at Dakshineswar.

Nivedita Setu as seen from Bally Bridge


North 24 Parganas district has been identified as one of the areas where ground water is affected by arsenic contamination.[5] There are some Hospitals & Nursing homes nearby. Ariadaha Hospital, Balananda Arogya Niketan, Sagar Dutta State General Hospital & Medical College, Midland Nursing Home, Zenith Super Specialty Hospital are some of them.

Transport at Dakshineswar[edit]

Dakshineswar is well connected to the main Kolkata city by both Rail and Roads. It is also well connected to various parts of Howrah and Hooghly district like Bally, Belur, Dhulagarh, Salap, Dankuni, Uttarpara etc. by road. Dakshineswar rail station is a part of Sealdah - Dankuni section. Many Mail & Express trains pass through here and most of them stop here. Metro Railway's existing line will reach Dakshineswar very soon as per Railway plans. Other transports like Buses, taxis, autos, rickshaws are also available here. There are several bus routes to reach Dakshineswar.

Dakshineshwar Station

Bus routes at Dakshineswar

DN2- Dakshineswar - Barasat via Ariadaha, Belgharia, Birati
DN9- Dakshineswar - Barasat via Dunlop, Nagerbazar, Ganganagar
DN9/1- Dakshineswar - Barasat via Dunlop, Nagerbazar, Airport
DN43- Dakshineswar - Barasat Checkpost via Sodepur, Madhyamgram
DN44- Dakshineswar - Bangaon via Belgharia Expressway, Jessore Road
DN46- Dankuni Housing - Newtown via Belgharia Expressway, Airport
C-23(CTC)- Park Circus - Dankuni via Belgharia Expressway, Airport, Sector V
JM1- Dhulagarh - Nicco Park via Belgharia Expressway, Airport
JM4- Dharsa - Narendrapur via BT Road, Shyambazar, Ultadanga, Rubi
ST-23(CSTC)- Nicco Park - Dankuni via Belgharia Expressway, Airport, New Town
3- Serampore - Baghbazar/Karunamoyee via BT Road, Shyambazar, Ultadanga, Karunamoyee
26- Chapadanga - Bonhooghly via Salap, Bally Halt, Dunlop
32A- Dakshineswar - Sector V via Shyambazar, Ultadanga, Laboni
34(CSTC)- Ariadaha - Esplanade via Shyambazar, Central Avenue
43/1- Ariadaha - Esplanade via Shyambazar, Hatibagan, Amherst Street, College Street, Bowbazar
56- Sodepur-Ruiya - Howrah via Bally, Belure, Salkia, Liluah
78E- Dakshineswar - Barasat/Bangaon via Sodepur, Madhyamgram, Jessore Road
79- Dunlop - Panchla via Bally Halt, Salap, Jangalpur, Dhulagarh
MM3- Duttapukur - Dakshineswar via Sodepur, Wireless Gate
S-17/1(CSTC)- Ariadaha - Chetla via Shyambazar, Central Avenue, Exide
K3- Saheb Bagan/Dakshineswar - Kudghat via Dunlop, Shyambazar, Maniktala, Sealdah, Park Circus, Gariahat, Rashbehari, Tollygunge
K4- Dakshineswar - Park Circus via Shyambazar, Rajabazar, Sealdah, CIT Road
Dumdum Station - Dankuni (CSTC) via Dunlop, Bally Halt
Dakshineswar - Naktala via Shyambazar, Ultadanga, EM Bypass, Science City, Garia
Dakshineswar - Amtala via Shyambazar, Park Circus, AJC Bose Flyover, Alipore, Behala
Barrackpore - Salap via Bally Halt, Dunlop, Sodepur, Barrackpore
Dankuni - Nagerbazar/Nicco Park via Nagerbazar, Laketown
Dankuni - Newtown via Shyambazar, Ultadanga, Salt Lake
Dhulagarh - Barasat via Salap, Bally Halt, Dunlop, Sodepur, Madhyamgram
Mourigram - Barrackpore via Andul, Alampur, Bally Halt, Dunlop, Sodepore
Belur Math - Garia Station via Bally Khal, Dunlop, Shyambazar, Ultadanga, EM Bypass
Belur Math - Golpark (Now running till Mullick Bazar) via Shyambazar, Rajabazar, Moulali
Ariadaha - Babughat (Minibus route 181) via Baranagar, Shyambazar, Central Avenue, Lalbazar, Dalhousie
Dakshineswar - Babughat (Minibus route 158) via Baranagar, Shyambazar, Hatibagan, Amherst Street, College Street, Bowbazar, Dalhousie

Educational Institutions[edit]

There are several Educational Institutions at & near Dakshineswar.

  • Dakshineswar High School
  • Bharati Bhawan Girls High School
  • Dakshineswar Sri Sri Sarada Devi Balika Vidyamandir
  • Dakshineswar Adyapeath Manikuntala Balika Vidyalaya
  • Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women
  • Ariadaha Kalachand High School
  • Ariadaha Girls School
  • Adyapeath Balakashram
  • Adyapeath Balikashram
  • Ariadaha Sarbamangala Girls High School
  • Adamas International School
  • Ariadaha Ramananda Charity Vidyalaya
  • Sri Sarada Math Rasik Bhita
  • Khalsa Model Senior Secondary School
  • Central Modern School
  • Bhairab Ganguly College
  • NIMAS Institute
  • DPS North


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