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The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is the leading international trade association representing offshore, marine, and underwater engineering companies.


With a membership (as of May 2013) of over 920 companies in more than 60 countries, IMCA has grown fourfold since 1995 both in terms of members and of countries represented.

There are separate categories of membership for contractor, supplier, training establishment, personnel agency and non-voting corresponding (oil companies, governmental and regulatory bodies) members (membership is not open to private individuals). Each member joins one or more of IMCA's four divisions (Diving, Marine, Offshore Survey, Remote Systems and ROV) according to its own areas of operation and gains access to the core world-wide activities of IMCA and to its local regional section.

IMCA is the leading body for employers of offshore commercial divers and utilizes the European Diving Technology Committee medical standards.[1]


The Association has two main annual seminars, one based on Health, Safety and the environment and the other themed around an issue which the marine and offshore industry is currently facing. These seminars take place in each of the associations five geographical regions, rotating between them annually.

In addition to the seminars, the IMCA publishes guidance notes and accident statistics to improve operational safety within the industry.[2]

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