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Malleswaram is located in Bengaluru
Coordinates: 12°58′48″N 77°34′30″E / 12.98°N 77.575°E / 12.98; 77.575Coordinates: 12°58′48″N 77°34′30″E / 12.98°N 77.575°E / 12.98; 77.575
Country India
State Karnataka
Metro Bengaluru
 • Official Kannada
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 560003

Malleshwara is a north-western district of Bengaluru city. It developed as a suburb during the great plague of 1898,[1] which caused many people to move out from the city center. It derives its name from the Kaadu Malleshwara temple.[2]

H. V. Nanjundaiah is credited with the founding of Malleshwaram,[2] and 6th main road is named after him. The neighborhood of Malleshwara hosts people from all walks of life. Nobel laureates (C.V. Raman), renowned scientists (Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan), and world champions (Prakash Padukone) live or lived here, so did many writers, scholars, musicians (Doraiswamy Iyengar),renowned Kannada writer/poet Sri.G.P.Rajarathnam, film stars (SarojaDevi), and educators (M.P.L.Shastry). [3]

The Place[edit]

The ward is characterized by mixed demographics, sustaining a substantial middle class, upper middle class, and elite residential areas. The middle and lower class populations live to the east of Malleswara, while the elite residential areas are on the west. The lanes are designed with horizontal, north-south roads called main roads, and east-west roads called cross-roads. Two of the major main roads are Sampige Road and Margosa Road. Sampige road begins at Swastik Junction and runs all the way to 18th cross. It caters to traffic/vehicle movement from Majestic/Kempegowda Bus Station towards Yeshwantpur. Margosa Road caters to the vehicle movements in the reverse direction, i.e., From Yeshwanthpur to Majestic. On the cross-roads, 8th cross road is the most famous street for all kinds of purchases from clothes to accessories to fruits, vegetables to flowers to eateries. The road is always buzzing with people and gains more significance during festivities where the entire road will be blocked for vehicular movement and would resemble a market with items pertaining to each festival being put up on sale. Another prominent landmark in Malleshwara is the Indian Institute of Science.The World Trade Center (WTC) is near by to Malleshwara.

Indian Institute of Science
Chowdiah Memorial Hall

The Chowdiah Memorial Hall, named after the violinist Tirumakudalu Chowdiah was built in Malleswara in 1980.

6th main road



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