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Coordinates: 54°36′18″N 1°15′25″W / 54.605°N 1.257°W / 54.605; -1.257

Map of the five boroughs of the Tees Valley within England

The Tees Valley is an urbanised city region in the north-east of England consisting of the following five unitary authorities: Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees. For ceremonial purposes the area is split between County Durham and North Yorkshire.

The Tees Valley area covers the lower, flatter (and much more urban) area of the valley of the River Tees.


This is a chart of trend of regional gross value added of Tees Valley at current basic prices published (pp.240–253) by Office for National Statistics with figures in millions of British Pounds Sterling.

Year Regional gross value added[1] Agriculture[2] Industry[3] Services[4]
1995 6,347 26 2,746 3,574
2000 7,362 23 2,716 4,622
2003 8,069 22 2,568 5,478
  1. ^ includes hunting and forestry
  2. ^ includes energy and construction
  3. ^ includes Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
  4. ^ Components may not sum to totals due to rounding


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