Vladivar Vodka

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This article is about Vladivar Vodka. For Vladivar, see Vladivar (disambiguation).
Vladivar Vodka logo.svg
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Whyte and Mackay
Country of origin United Kingdom

Vladivar Vodka is a brand of vodka distilled in the UK. Originally made in Warrington by the G & J Greenall distillery, the brand was sold in 1990 to Whyte and Mackay and is today made in Scotland. Despite this, the drink still lives on in many people's memories as "Vladivar Wodka from Varrington" (said with a strong Russian accent), as featured in major advertising campaigns in the 1980s and by Leonard Halliwell, 'the Bard of Warrington' in the Mill House.[citation needed]

Vladivar is a Pure Grain, triple distilled, charcoal filtered vodka similar to quality to Smirnoff red[citation needed].

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The Vladivar from Varrington cinema campaign first appeared in 1975, written by Len Weinreich and Paul Leeves at the Kirkwood Company and directed by Tom Bussmann (check design & Art Direction Annual 1976).