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Village of Walkeshwar, Mumbai, 1860
Walkeshwar, Bombay, c. 1855
Nandi stands Guard at a Shiva Temple Walkeshwar, Mumbai, India

Walkeshwar is an affluent area in South Mumbai, India, at the north-western end of the Marine Drive loop, and is most famous for Walkeshwar Temple and Banganga Tank.


Walkeshwar takes its name after Lord Shiva, one part of the Trinity of Hinduism. The modern form of the word derives from the Sanskrit word for an idol made of sand - Valuka Iswar,<ref>Walkeshwar Temple</ref> an avatar of Shiva - in a legend celebrated at the Walkeshwar Temple, situated at the highest point of the city.<ref>Walkeshwar village British Library.</ref>


Walkeshwar also includes Malabar Hill, and is in close proximity to the Hanging Gardens. Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the Governor of Maharashtra, has the maximum number of Gulmohur trees thus making a pretty site in the season is located here besides some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the whole country, prices ranging from Rs 92,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per sqft (approx 1656 USD - 1800 USD per sqft) which can be compared to Residential luxury apartments in the US.It probably has the most expensive real estate in the whole of India. It has a lot of prime residential buildings in the area. White House amongst all is the most famous building where there are maximum number of apartments are let out to expatriates. The view from most of the buildings here is sea facing and the location has lot of natural character. The sea is very calm here as it is the bay area. There is also a Jain temple, near the Malabar Hill Police Station.

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