Aïn Djeloula

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Aïn Djeloula
Commune and town
Aïn Djeloula is located in Tunisia
Aïn Djeloula
Aïn Djeloula
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 35°48′N 9°47′E / 35.800°N 9.783°E / 35.800; 9.783Coordinates: 35°48′N 9°47′E / 35.800°N 9.783°E / 35.800; 9.783
Country Tunisia
GovernorateKairouan Governorate
 • Total1,757
Time zoneUTC1 (CET)

Aïn Djeloula is a small town and commune in the Kairouan Governorate of central Tunisia, situated 30 kilometers west of Kairouan and the eastern mountains of Jebel Ousselat. In 2004 it had a population of 1,651.

The surroundings contain numerous caves housing prehistoric remains.

Mount Ousselat