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Commune and town
Ouled Majed mosque in Degache
Ouled Majed mosque in Degache
Country  Tunisia
Population (2010)
 • Total 30,000
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Post code 2260

Degache (دقاش) is a Tunisian town and commune situated in the region of Djerid.

It had a population of 30000 in 2010. It is the biggest town of a délégation bearing its name.

Degache began as an oasis expolited since Roman antiquity. The ancient city of Thagis is situated a few kilometres away. The economy of the town is centred on the exploitation of a rich palm plantation, producing deglet nour dates. A centre for phœnicicoles research has been located there.Degache has also 2 industrial areas. It's also increasingly included in south Tunisian Saharan tourist circuits.

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Coordinates: 33°59′N 8°13′E / 33.983°N 8.217°E / 33.983; 8.217