Hammam Chott

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Hammam Chott
Commune and town
Hammam Chott
Hammam Chott
Hammam Chott is located in Tunisia
Hammam Chott
Hammam Chott
Coordinates: 36°43′18″N 10°21′30″E / 36.72167°N 10.35833°E / 36.72167; 10.35833Coordinates: 36°43′18″N 10°21′30″E / 36.72167°N 10.35833°E / 36.72167; 10.35833
Country Tunisia
GovernorateBen Arous Governorate
 • Total31,858
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Hammam Chott is a town and commune in the Ben Arous Governorate, Tunisia. It is located 20 kilometers from the capital, Tunis, in the southern suburbs. It is a popular seaside resort town.

On 1 October 1985, Hammam Chott was bombarded by the Israeli Air Force in Operation Wooden Leg.

Origin of name[edit]

Chott in Arabic means "beach" which is appropriate due to Hammam Chott's location on the Gulf of Tunis.

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