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Absame is a sub-clan of the Somali Darod clan. It is in turn divided into several sub-groups, with members residing in Somalia, Ethiopia and northern Kenya.


The Absame clan is one of the largest Somali sub-clans.[1] Although they can be found almost every Somali town, they mostly live in mid and lower Jubba Valley,[2] Bay and Bakool, Somalia. There are also clan members in North Eastern Province and in five regions (kilil) of Ethiopia.[citation needed]

Clan structure[edit]

Main article: Ogaden (clan)

There is no clear agreement on the clan and sub-clan structures and many lineages are omitted. The following listing is taken from the World Bank's Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dynamics from 2005 and the United Kingdom's Home Office publication, Somalia Assessment 2001.[3]

Absame, a sub clan of the Kaballah clan has the following groups:[3]

  • Ogaden
  • Jidwaq


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