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Adrian Belew Power Trio is a musical group formed by Adrian Belew (guitar and vocals), bassist Julie Slick and drummer Tobias Ralph.

The group's origin lie in Belew's February 2006 guest performance with the Paul Green School of Rock, where Julie and her brother Eric were former students (1998-2004/5). Though Belew was decades older than the Slick siblings, he was very impressed by their musicianship and in May 2006 formed the Adrian Belew Power Trio with the Slicks as his rhythm section. Through the end of 2006 the trio toured throughout the United States, followed by more touring (nationally and internationally) in 2007 and 2008. Their setlist included new original songs, material from Belew's solo career, and material from Belew's work with King Crimson and Frank Zappa.

After their fall 2008 tour of Europe and Australia, the group recorded a studio album with e in February 2009. Adrian had said that this new work would be an extended suite in five distinct but interrelated sections,[1] parts of which were debuted by the trio during 2008's live shows under titles such as "planet e" and "e."

In 2010, Eric joined the Philadelphia-based group Dr Dog and consequently Marco Minnemann filled in on drums for the trio dates later that year in Vancouver, Tokyo, Europe, and South America. Tobias Ralph substituted for him for the UK shows and joined the band permanently in 2011, when the group teamed up with Stick Men for the "Two of a Perfect Trio" tour across North America. The three-hour show featured an encore of all six musicians taking the stage to pay tribute to King Crimson material. This double trio would eventually be renamed as The Crimson ProjeKct.

The power trio continues to tour internationally, applying the innovative Flux concept to their already highly energized set.

Original members[edit]

Adrian Belew[edit]

Eric Slick[edit]

Eric Slick was the drummer for the Adrian Belew Trio from 2006-2009. By the time he was age four, he sat behind a real set of drums and over the next fifteen years, Eric, who honed his skills at the Paul Green School of Rock as their very first All-Star drummer, has also performed with many other groups. Eric is currently the drummer of Dr. Dog.

Julie Slick[edit]

Julie Slick, 2017

Julie Slick began taking bass lessons at age twelve at the Paul Green School of Rock as one of seventeen students Paul Green taught in his apartment in 1998 in order to help pay his tuition at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a philosophy major. Green had the students jam at venues around the city to give them experience as musicians. For their first show, Green and his students performed Pink Floyd's The Wall at the Griffin Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. He didn't have a drummer so the owner of the restaurant sat in. Julie’s mother, Robin, suggested that Green consider her 11-year-old son, Eric Slick, who eventually became the house drummer. The Paul Green School of Rock was later born. Eric began studying drum lessons at the school and also taught there.

Slick released her self-titled solo debut in May 2010. It was followed by Terroir in 2012. In 2014, she got rid of her Los Angeles apartment and began to travel the world between Crimson ProjeKct tour dates, consequently meeting bassist Marco Machera in Italy. Their first collaborative album "Fourth Dementia" dropped a few months later (July 2014). They rebranded the project as EchoTest in 2015 with the release of "Le Fil Rouge." Their third album, "From Two Balconies" (featuring more guests, vocal-heavy tracks, and artwork by Derek Riggs) became available in February 2017. In February of 2019, they released their contemplative fourth album “Daughter of Ocean,” which was their first vinyl release (again with Riggs designing the cover).

Further members[edit]

  • Marco Minnemann: drums during the 2010 tours[2][3]
  • Tobias Ralph: began by drumming on UK dates of the 2010 Euro tour, and returned for the Fall 2011 North America shows. He is currently a member of the band.[3]
  • Jordan Perlsonon: Drums. Replaced Ralph in 2019 for the current "Pop Sided" quartet tour.
  • Saul Zonana: Keys, guitar, vocals. Longtime opener became a band member in 2019 for the current "Pop Sided" quartet tour.


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