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Akal Purakh refers to God ( means independent of time or immortal)in Sikhism

Akal Purakh is interchangeable Sikh name used to denote God, or the omnipresent divine. Literally it means "a timeless being who never dies." The first word Akal, literally "timeless, immortal, non-temporal," is a term integral to Sikh tradition and philosophy. It is extensively used in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth hymns by Guru Gobind Singh, who titled one of his poetic compositions Akal Ustat, i.e. "In Praise (ustati) of the Timeless One (akal)". However, the concept of Akal is not peculiar to the Dasam Granth. It goes back to the very origins of the Sikh faith.

The term Kāl refers to "time," with the negative prefix a- added to render the word akal, meaning "timeless" or "eternal." Purakh refers to "being" or "entity." Together, the two words form the meaning "timeless, eternal being."

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