All That Live! (100th episode)

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All That Live! (100th episode)
Genre comedy
Created by Mike Tollin
Brian Robbins
Starring Amanda Bynes
Nick Cannon
Leon Frierson
Christy Knowings
Kel Mitchell
Mark Saul
Josh Server
Danny Tamberelli
Kenan Thompson
Opening theme "All That Theme Opening"
by TLC
Ending theme "All That Outro Theme"
by TLC
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Dan Schneider
Kevin Kopelow
Heath Seifert
Location(s) Hollywood, California
Camera setup Multi-Camera Setup
Running time 60 minutes
(with commercials)
24 minutes (re-airing)
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release March 13, 1999
Followed by All That's 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

On March 13, 1999, All That celebrated its star-studded "100th episode" during the fifth season, although it was actually the 85th episode to be produced. This one-hour special was one of the only episodes (other than the 10th anniversary) in the show's history produced live.[1] The actual 100th episode occurred with the fifth episode of Season 6, with Hoku as the musical guest.[1] The Season 5 cast included, in alphabetical order: Amanda Bynes, Leon Frierson, Christy Knowings, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, and Kenan Thompson with featured members Nick Cannon and Mark Saul.

The 100th episode featured several celebrities: Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All), Larisa Oleynik (Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack), Robert Ri'chard (Nickelodeon's Cousin Skeeter), and Britney Spears (in a taped video appearance; Spears was originally supposed to perform in person but had to back out due to a knee injury; Lauryn Hill took her place) all made appearances.

Former cast member Lori Beth Denberg, wearing her traditional "Vital Information" outfit, made her final All That appearance (she was one of the few alumni who did not return for the 10th Anniversary special) to do the "Vital Information" sketch (Danny Tamberelli had taken Denberg's spot by this time). Former cast members Angelique Bates, Katrina Johnson, and Alisa Reyes made brief appearances on the red carpet. After the 100th episode, the show continued, winning the Kids Choice Award for Favorite TV Show on May 1, 1999.[2] The special re-aired in April 2005 in honor of All That's 10th Anniversary, though Nickelodeon edited parts of the episode.

Line up[edit]

  • Mýa Introduction: Mýa welcomes us to watching the live show, and Kevin loses his pants. Various stars are shown walking the red carpet, even the Big Ear of corn
  • Where's Danny?: Danny is late for the live show
  • Green Room: Everyone is nervous about the live show, including Kevin. But Danny is nowhere to be found!
  • Good Burger: Ed keeps punching a customer (Josh) in the face when he keeps ordering a Good Punch. Meanwhile, Ed messes up Melissa Joan Hart's order and drives another customer (Mark) crazy.
  • What-Everrrr meets Repairman: It's Jessica's birthday today, so Gina plans her surprise party on What-Everrrr! Gina receives Robert Ri'chard from Cousin Skeeter as a present (who ends up getting away). Jessica then breaks her nail, causing Repairman to fall into What-Everrrr. Repairman ends up breaking everything, including the camera, which rolls the clip of Ryan Heart the Dancing Monkey Boy.
  • Mavis & Clavis introduce Musical Guest: Lauryn Hill - "Doo Wop (That Thing)"
  • Backstage Tour: Kenan and Josh give the audience and the viewers at home a backstage tour of the All That studio. They show the dressing rooms, the joke room, the prop room, and the All That Wall of Gifts. The dancing monkey boy clip is shown again.
  • Vital Information: Danny still hasn't made it to the show yet, so Kevin asks the audience if any of them has experience in reading Vitals. Fortunately, Lori Beth Denberg was in the audience, but she refuses to do Vitals. This is the last time Lori Beth Denberg does the Vital Information sketch. Features Larisa Oleynik.
  • Where's Danny: We now continue to see Danny's whereabouts.
  • Fax Ashley: Since it is a live show, Ashley has a fax machine so she can receive live letters from viewers, but it turns out that all the letters from these people either have no exact idea of a live show.
  • Inconvenience Store: Latanya and Lanisha criticize a customer's (Mark) bad breath when buying breathmints, and start hitting on a cute guy (Kel), which brings them to a fight.
  • Danny is supposed to introduce the musical guest, but instead Josh introduces Musical Guest: Busta Rhymes - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See; "Gimme Some More"
  • At the end, Danny finally arrives at the show, but the show is already done.

Special guests[edit]

While not officially a part of the special, 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins can be seen as an audience member.


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