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The Assistant Bishop of Leicester is an episcopal title used by the sole stipendiary assistant bishop (effectively suffragan bishop) of the Church of England Diocese of Leicester in the Province of Canterbury, England.[1] The title takes its name as the bishop who assists the diocesan Bishop of Leicester. The role was created following the 1986 refusal of a request to create a suffragan bishop for the diocese, and has been filled since then only with ad hoc funding arrangements for four bishops already in episcopal orders.[2] Boyle is the only incumbent to serve on a full time basis.[3]

Christopher Boyle has been the Assistant Bishop of Leicester since 6 September 2009,[3] having previously served in the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa as the last British[4] diocesan Bishop of Northern Malawi for eight years (2001–2009).[5]

On 26 November 2016, Leicester Diocesan Synod approved a proposal to replace the Assistant Bishop post with a new suffragan bishop role of Bishop of Loughborough, following Boyle's retirement in 2017, with the expectation that this could be completed by the end of that year.[6][7]

List of bishops[edit]

Assistant Bishops of Leicester
From Until Incumbent Notes
1987 1995 Godfrey Ashby
1995 2001 Bill Down Formerly Bishop of Bermuda[8]
2001 2005 vacant [2]
2005 2007 John Austin Retired Bishop of Aston
2007 2009 vacant [2]
2009 present Christopher Boyle Formerly Bishop of Northern Malawi; retirement announced for 31 May 2017.[9]


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