Bishop of Newcastle (England)

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Bishop of Newcastle
Acting: Mark Wroe, Bishop of Berwick
Ecclesiastical provinceYork
ResidenceBishop's House, Gosforth
First holderErnest Wilberforce
CathedralNewcastle Cathedral

The Bishop of Newcastle is the ordinary of the Church of England's Diocese of Newcastle in the Province of York.

The diocese presently covers the County of Northumberland and the Alston Moor area of Cumbria. The see is in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne where the seat is located at the Cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas, a parish church elevated to cathedral status in 1882. The bishop's residence is Bishop's House, Gosforth — not far north of Newcastle city centre.[1]

The office has existed since the founding of the diocese in 1882 under Queen Victoria by division of the diocese of Durham. Christine Hardman retired as Bishop of Newcastle effective 30 November 2021, and Mark Wroe, Bishop suffragan of Berwick, became acting diocesan bishop.[2]

List of bishops[edit]

Bishops of Newcastle
From Until Incumbent Notes
1882 1896 ERWilberforce.JPG Ernest Wilberforce Translated to Chichester.
1896 1903 Edgar Jacob 001.jpg Edgar Jacob Translated to St Albans.
1903 1907 Arthur Lloyd Bishop of Newcastle (2).jpg Arthur Lloyd Translated from Thetford.
1907 1915 No image.svg Norman Straton Translated from Sodor and Man.
1915 1927 No image.svg Herbert Wild
1927 1941 No image.svg Harold Bilbrough Translated from Dover.
1941 1957 No image.svg Noel Hudson Previously Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak then assistant bishop of St Albans; translated to Ely.
1957 1972 No image.svg Hugh Ashdown
1973 1980 No image.svg Ronald Bowlby Translated to Southwark.
1981 1997 No image.svg Alec Graham Translated from Bedford.
1997 2014 No image.svg Martin Wharton Translated from Kingston-upon-Thames.
2014 2015 Frank White
Assistant Bishop of Newcastle
Acting bishop, as Assistant Bishop of Newcastle
2015 2021 Christine Hardman Retired 30 November 2021.[3][2]
2021 present Mark Wroe
Bishop of Berwick
Acting bishop, as Bishop of Berwick.[2]

Assistant bishops[edit]

Among those others who have served the diocese as assistant bishops have been:


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