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Christopher Titmuss
Christopher Titmuss portrait.jpg
Religion Theravada background
Born April 22nd, 1944
Senior posting
Title Dharma Teacher
Religious career

Christopher Titmuss, (born April 22, 1944) is a retired Theravada Buddhist monk, an Insight Meditation meditation instructor and an author of books on Dharma who resides in Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom. He was a journalist before becoming a monk, spending six years in Thailand and India from 1970 to 1976.[1][2] He is especially known for being a steadfast exponent of engaged Buddhism, speaking and writing on social and political matters.[3] He is also the co-founder of Gaia House in Devon, England.[4]

He is the founder and director of the Dharma Facilitators Programme and the Living Dharma programme, an online mentor programme for Dharma practitioners. He gives retreats, participates in pilgrimages (yatras) and leads Dharma gatherings. Titmuss has been teaching annual retreats in Bodh Gaya, India since 1975 and leads an annual Dharma Gathering in Sarnath since 1999. A senior Dharma teacher in the West, he is the author of numerous books including Light on Enlightenment, An Awakened Life and Transforming Our Terror.[5]


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