College Terrace, Palo Alto, California

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College Terrace is a neighborhood in the city of Palo Alto, California, adjacent to Stanford University.


An all-residential neighborhood, College Terrace stretches 12 by two blocks. It lies between South California Avenue and Stanford Avenue, from Amherst Street to El Camino Real. College Avenue runs down the center of the neighborhood. College Terrace is directly adjacent to Escondido Village, a campus residence on the southern edge of Stanford University. The neighborhood features its own branch of the Palo Alto Public Library system.[1]

There are three parks in the College Terrace neighborhood:

  • Donaldina M. Cameron Park, located on Wellesley Street between Stanford Avenue and College Avenue.
  • William C. Werry Park, located on Dartmouth Street between Stanford Avenue and College Avenue.
  • Frederick W. Weisshaar Park, also on Dartmouth Street between College Avenue and South California Avenue.

There are three religious communities in College Terrace:

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • The Chabad House
  • University Lutheran Church

All of the street names in the College Terrace neighborhood are named after East Coast colleges and universities such as Amherst, Bowdoin, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Oberlin, Princeton, Cornell, Wellesley, Williams and Yale.

Notable former residents of College Terrace include the architect Birge Clark, theologian Robert McAfee Brown, and folk singer Joan Baez.[2]


The neighborhood also notoriously gave its name to the College Terrace Rapist, who forced at least 11 women living in the neighborhood to have sex at knifepoint between 1971 and 1979.[3] The College Terrace Rapist eventually admitted to at least 100 rapes both in College Terrace and elsewhere in California.[4]


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