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Map of community districts in the City of New York

Community boards of Queens are New York City community boards in the borough of Queens, which are the appointed advisory groups of the community districts that advise on land use and zoning, participate in the city budget process, and address service delivery in their district.[1]

Community boards are each composed of up to 50 volunteer members appointed by the local borough president, half from nominations by City Council members representing the community district (i.e., whose council districts cover part of the community district).[2][3] Additionally, all City Council members representing the community district are non-voting, ex officio board members.[3]

Community boards[edit]

The 14 community boards in Queens, and a few representative neighborhoods in each, are listed below:[4]

Other areas[edit]

Within the borough of Queens there are five Joint Interest Areas (JIA), which are outside of the jurisdiction of individual community districts, and have their own district number.[5][6] The five JIAs in Queens county are:

Rikers Island, while legally a part of The Bronx, is represented by Queens Community Board 1.

The Queens Borough Board[edit]

The Queens Borough Board is composed of the borough president, New York City Council members whose districts are part of the borough, and the chairperson of each community board in Queens.[7][8][9] The current borough board is composed of the 30 members listed in the table below:

Queens Borough Board
Area Title Member name[10] Notes
Borough of Queens Borough President Melinda Katz
Queens Community District 1 Chair
Queens Community District 2 Chair Denise Keehan-Smith
Queens Community District 3 Chair Philip Papass
Queens Community District 4 Chair Damian Vargas
Queens Community District 5 Chair Vincent Arcuri, Jr.
Queens Community District 6 Chair Joseph Hennessy
Queens Community District 7 Chair Eugene T. Kelty, Jr.
Queens Community District 8 Chair Martha Taylor
Queens Community District 9 Chair Oudeshram “Raj” Rampershad
Queens Community District 10 Chair Betty Braton
Queens Community District 11 Chair Christine Haider
Queens Community District 12 Chair Adrienne E. Adams
Queens Community District 13 Chair Bryan Block
Queens Community District 14 Chair Dolores Orr
City Council District 19 Council member Paul Vallone
City Council District 20 Council member Peter Koo
City Council District 21 Council member Francisco Moya
City Council District 22 Council member Costa Constantinides
City Council District 23 Council member Barry Grodenchik
City Council District 24 Council member Rory Lancman
City Council District 25 Council member Danny Dromm
City Council District 26 Council member Jimmy Van Bramer
City Council District 27 Council member Daneek Miller
City Council District 28 Council member Adrienne Adams
City Council District 29 Council member Karen Koslowitz
City Council District 30 Council member Robert Holden
City Council District 31 Council member Donovan Richards
City Council District 32 Council member Eric Ulrich
City Council District 34 Council member Antonio Reynoso Also member of the Brooklyn Borough Board

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