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Developer! Developer! Developer!, more commonly known as DDD, is a series of community conferences aimed at software developers.


DDD conferences started in 2005, as a community conference organised by software developers for software developers. The first was held at Microsoft's TVP campus in Reading, United Kingdom. There have been 10 DDD conference held in this location, as well as a number of regional conferences held in Belfast, Brisbane, Bristol, Wales, Cambridge, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Galway, Glasgow, Leeds, Sunderland, Brisbane, Taunton, Bradford, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

The main DDD in Reading has frequently sold out on the day the tickets become available. The record is 350 tickets selling out in 13 minutes.

Key Values[edit]

DDD was set up with a number of key elements in mind.[1]

  • It is free
  • It is on a Saturday
  • An open submissions process
  • A democratically chosen agenda


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