Ee Tharam Illalu

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Ee Tharam Illalu
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Telugu
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) Pushkar

Sudesh Kotian
Rashid Beg

Jitendra kadam
Editor(s) Jay B Ghadiali
Production company(s) Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original network Maa TV
Original release present

Ee Tharam Illalu is a Telugu serial aired on Maa TV from Monday to Saturday 06.00 PM. This serial is a dubbed-version of hindi serial Diya aur baati hum on Star Plus. It stars Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh as main protagonists.

Dubs and remakes[edit]

The series was dubbed in Tamil as En Kanavan En Thozhan on Vijay TV, in Kannada as Akashadeepa on Asianet Suvarna and in Marathi as Manaschita chitrakar toh on Star Pravah.

In other countries[edit]

This series is also dubbed in Sri Lanka in Sinhalese as Swapna and Afghanistan in Pashto as Da Meeni Deeva. It is also remade in Bangladesh in Bengali as Tomay Amay Mile on Star Jalsha . It is aired in Urdu on pakistan channel Urdu-1 and also Romania and Bulgaria as subtitles.

Plot summary[edit]

Ee Tharam Illalu is a story of a woman named Sandhya who dreams to become an IPS officer by the inspiration of her father. But her life turns drastically after the death of her parents in a bomb blast. Sandhya unwillingly marries Surya for her brother. Her dream was broken as she gets married to a conservative family. Her strict mother-in-law named Santhosh did not accept Sandhya to become an IPS officer. Later Saroja accepts Sandhya's dream with a promise that she have to manage two positions- an IPS officer and a good daughter in law. After Sandhya went to Hyderabad for IPS training. She won best cadet trophy. Now she gets her IPS duty in her own residence. All family members get happy.

Sandhya transfers to traffic department. Her ASP post is overtaken by her friend Zakir. Kavitha, a politician tried to take revenge on rathi family. But her plan get spoiled by Sandhya. Kavitha get arrested.

Rajkumar, a terrorist sentenced to hang up in 7 days. Sandhya and Zakir have the duty to protect Rajkumar. Disha and Prema are companions pf Rajkumar. They wisely enters Rathi house. Disha is a helper of Surya for his food festival. Prema works in the textile shop of Vikram. The Rathi family did not doubt them. Disha and Prema led by Maya who is the sister of Rajkumar. They try to do operation grahan successfully. The operation is to hijack flight 2310 and demands Rajkumar's release from government. Sandhya and Zakir lays several traps for Maya but she escapes wisely. Maya's weapon dealing plan gets failed. Then Prema secretly creates new weapons in Rathi house. Later Zakir overhears prema and Disha's conversation about operation grahan. Suddenly Maya hits Zakir on his neck. Now Zakir gets paralysed. Sandhya lays a track for Maya. A rumour passed that Rajkumar's sentence gets fasted. Maya, Prema and Disha gets shocked. Then Rajkumar gets unconscious and admitted in hospital. Sandhya find the real prema. But she escaped. Santhosh decides to go with Surya to Dubai in flight 2310.