List of electoral firsts in the United Kingdom

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This article lists notable achievements of women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBT people in British Politics.


Women over 30 granted the right to vote: 1918

Women granted the right to vote on the same terms as men: 1928

First female MPs:

Due to the abstentionist policy of Sinn Féin, Markievicz never took her seat in Westminster.

First female cabinet minister

First female Government Whip

First female prime minister

First female leader of the House of Lords

First female speaker in the House of Commons

First female leader of the House of Commons

First female speaker in the House of Lords

Blind persons[edit]

First blind MP

First blind Cabinet member

Persons in a wheelchair[edit]

First MP in a wheelchair

  • Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, Conservative MP for County Wexford (1866–1868) and for County Carlow (1868–1880). MacMurrough Kavanagh (who had been born with partially formed arms and legs) was given dispensation to be accompanied in the Commons Chamber by a servant who helped place him on the benches.

First female MP in a wheelchair

Black Britons[edit]

First black MPs:

-All elected in the 1987 election

First black woman MP

British Chinese[edit]

First Chinese Member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland

First Chinese MP

Czech Britons[edit]

First Czech-born MP

Polish Britons[edit]

First Polish-born MP

South Asians[edit]

  • Note: South Asians include those of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepalese or Bangladeshi ancestry.

First South Asian MP

First South Asian Cabinet member

First South Asian Member of the Welsh Assembly

First South Asian Member of the Scottish Parliament


First Jewish MP

First Jewish speaker in the House of Commons

LGBT people[edit]

First openly gay MP: Chris Smith, Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury, from 1983 to 2005 [13]
First openly bisexual MP: Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, from 1983 - 2015 (came out in 2006)

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