Gedenke, Herr, wie es uns gehet, BWV 217

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Gedenke, Herr, wie es uns gehet (Be mindful of our condition, Lord), BWV 217,[a] is a church cantata, formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. It is now attributed to Johann Christoph Altnickol.

History and text[edit]

The unknown composer wrote this piece for the First Sunday after Epiphany. The librettist is also unknown.[1]

Scoring and structure[edit]

The cantata is scored for SATB soloists and choir, flauto traverso, two violins, viola and basso continuo.[2]

It has five movements:

  1. Chorus: Gedenke, Herr, wie es uns gehet
  2. Aria (soprano): Ach, Jesus ist verloren
  3. Aria (alto): Saget mir, beliebte Felder
  4. Duet recitative and arioso (tenor and bass): Sei, kummervolles Herz, getrost
  5. Chorus: Ändert euch, ihr Klagelieder


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  1. ^ "BWV" is Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis, a thematic catalogue of Bach's works.


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