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Granada DO in the Province of Granada, itself part of the Autonomous region of Andalusia
The Contraviesa-Alpujarras sub-zone, in the Granada DO
Wine regions in Andalusia
Vineyard near Murtas in the Province of Granada

Granada is a Spanish Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP) for wines located in the province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain, extending over 168 different municipalities.

There is also sub-zone known as "Contraviesa-Alpujarras", covering another 13 municipalities in the Alpujarras mountains.

Granada achieved DOP status in 2009[1]


The first evidence of winemaking in Granada is the remains of a Roman villa with a 'lagar' (grape crushing area) near the village of Molvizar


Over 50% of the territory of the province of Granada is at an elevation of over 1000 m above sea level, which means that the average temperatures are lower than in the rest of Andalusia; and so the growing cycle is dealyed with bud-burst, veraisson and harvest all occurring later than usual, i.e. the harvest is usually between the end of August and beginning of October. The average annual temperature in the province of Granada is 15°–16 °C. The absolute maximum is 39 °C and the absolute minimum is −4 °C. Annual sunlight hours are 2,700# Average annual rainfall is 450 mm, with 70 days of rain.


In general the soils are poor in organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen. They tend to be not very deep and are easily eroded, though water retention is good.

Authorized Grape Varieties[edit]

The authorized varieites for the Contraviesa-Alpujarras sub-zone are as follows:

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