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Approximate boundaries of Indian Village

Indian Village Is the nickname given to the southeast portion of the Kenwood community area of Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is roughly bounded by Lake Shore Drive to the east Burnham Park to the north, 51st Street (East Hyde Park Boulevard) to the south, Harold Washington Park to the southeast, and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks used by the Metra's South Shore and Metra Electric Lines to the West. Many of the buildings in the neighborhood are named after Native American Indian tribes including the National Register of Historic Places-designated (NRHP) Narragansett and the Chicago Landmark Powhatan Apartments. Other buildings include several Algonquin Apartment buildings and the Chippewa.


Indian Village high rises, including Regents Park and Powhatan Apartments, from Promontory Point

The NRHP site of the former Chicago Beach Hotel that now hosts the Regents Park is also in the neighborhood.[1] The new location of the Hyde Park Art Center at 5020 S. Cornell Avenue is in this neighborhood.[2] Carol Moseley Braun, former United States Senator and former 2004 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, once lived in the 5000 East End Building, which was the tallest building on the South Side of Chicago until 1965.[3] The neighborhood hosts The Powhatan Apartments, the only 24-hour elevator operator building in Chicago.[4] Regents Park's South Tower is the tallest building in the Kenwood community area.[5] Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the Algonquin Apartments, which are a set of six identical 14-story towers in the neighborhood.[6] The Twin Towers Apartments were originally built to house U.S. Army personnel at the Fifth Army Headquarters, immediately south of the site.[7]


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