Jaigad Fort

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Jaigad Fort
जयगड किल्ला
Part of the Maratha Empire
Jaigad, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra
Jaigad outerwall1.jpg
Western Wall of the Jaigad Fort
Jaigad Fort is located in Maharashtra
Jaigad Fort
Jaigad Fort
Coordinates 17°18′03″N 73°13′17″E / 17.3007°N 73.2215°E / 17.3007; 73.2215
Type Coastal Fortification
Site information
Controlled by

 Konkan Pirates
 Maratha Empire (1713-1818)
 United Kingdom

 India (1947-)[1]
Open to
the public
Condition Protected Ruins
Site history
Built by Presumed to be Sultan of Bijapur, strengthened by Kanhoji Angre

Jaigad Fort (Marathi: जयगड किल्ला, Jayagaḍa killā) (Also transliterated as Zyghur in old British records.[2]) is a coastal fortification that is located at the tip of a peninsula in Ratnagiri District at a distance of 14 km from the temple town of Ganpatipule, in the state of Maharashtra, India. Nestled on a cliff, it overlooks a bay formed where the Shastri river enters the Arabian Sea.[3] It has a commanding view of the bay, the nearby power plant and the open sea. A jetty port Angrey, and a lighthouse is located nearby. Although in ruins, most of the fort's outer wall and ramparts still stand. A deep moat surrounds the fort side not facing the cliff edge. In the middle of the 13 acre fort lies the palace of Kanhoji Angre, a Ganpati temple and wells to store water. It is a protected monument.[4]


Jaigad fort is said to have been built by Bijapur Kings in the 16th century. Later it passed into the hands of Naiks of Sangameshwar. He had 7-8 villages and 600 troops under his command. He defeated combined forces of Bijapur and Portuguese in 1583 and 1585. In 1713 Jaigad was one of the ten forts which was ceded by Balaji Vishwanath Peshwa to Angre.In June 1818 this fort was captured by British without any struggle[5].


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