Sangram Durg

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Sangram Durga
Part of the Maratha Empire
Chakan Fort- Sangram Durg (7637611332).jpg
Site information
Controlled by Bijapur
 Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
 Maratha (1713-1818)
 United Kingdom  India (1947-present)
Open to
the public
ConditionProtected Ruins

Sangram Durga is a land fort situated at Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Original area of fort was 65 acres,currently only 5.5 acres.

The Fort was attacked by Mughal general, Shaista Khan with force of 20,000 men with artillery on 23 June 1660. At that time, the fort was guarded by Killedar (fortress commander) Firangoji Narsala(age 70 at time) with force of 320 Mavalas(soldiers).

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