Kaldurg Fort

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Kaldurg Fort
Palghar district, Maharashtra
Kaldurg Fort is located in India
Kaldurg Fort
Kaldurg Fort
Kaldurg Fort is located in Maharashtra
Kaldurg Fort
Kaldurg Fort
Coordinates19°41′28.7″N 72°49′01.2″E / 19.691306°N 72.817000°E / 19.691306; 72.817000
Height1558 ft(475m)
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Kaldurg Fort is situated to the east of Palghar, Maharashtra, India in the Sahyadri mountain range of northern Konkan. It is strategically situated at a height of at least 475 meters above sea level, giving views of the Arabian Sea and the industrial town of Palghar to the west, as well as views of the Surya River to the east.

This rectangular shape of fort can easily be located from a distance. There is no specific historic sign available except fort structure. Some populations of poor tribes also live on the fort and hill area. The fort is divided in upper part and lower part due to a rectangular rock. There are two to three steps which separate these two parts[1].


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Coordinates: 19°41′29″N 72°49′01″E / 19.6913°N 72.8170°E / 19.6913; 72.8170