Japanese House of Councillors election, 1980

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Japanese House of Councillors election, 1980
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126 (of the 252) seats in the House of Councillors
  First party Second party
  Masayoshi Ohira at Andrews AFB 1 Jan 1980 walking cropped 2.jpg
Leader Masayoshi Ōhira Ichio Asukata
Party Liberal Democratic Socialist
Last election 125 56
Seats won 135 47
Seat change +10 -9

President of the House
of Councillors
before election

Ken Yasui
Liberal Democratic

Elected President of the House
of Councillors

Masatoshi Tokunaga
Liberal Democratic

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Elections for the Japanese House of Councillors were held in Japan in 1980. On 16 May 1980, the Japan Socialist Party (JSP) brought no-confidence motion before the Diet relating to corruption issues, proposing more defense spending and rises in public utility charges as reasons for the House of Representatives to withdraw its backing from the government. Unexpectedly, 69 Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) members of the Diet from the Fukuda Takeo, Miki Takeo and Hidenao Nakagawa factions abstained from voting on the motion. The government was defeated by 56 votes in total of 243 and resigned. For the first time elections for both the House of Councillors and the House of Representatives were called in June 1980. In the elections of both the houses the LDP gained a perfect majority.


Party National seats Prefecture seats Total seats 1980 Total
Liberal Democratic Party 21 48 69 135
Japan Socialist Party 9 13 22 47
Komeito 9 3 12 26
Communist Party 4 3 7 12
Democratic Socialist Party 4 2 6 12
Others 1 1 2 20
Independents 3 5 8
Total 50 76 126