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John Evans (19 August 1877 – 10 June 1990) of Fforestfach, Swansea,[1] was the longest-lived man from the United Kingdom whose date of birth could be authenticated; he held this record from 27 May 1989 until 29 March 2009, when Henry Allingham broke it. Evans was also the oldest recognized living man at the time of his death, aged 112 years, 295 days, and is the oldest ever Welsh-born person.


Evans had been a Welsh coal miner. In March 1986, at 108, Evans was the oldest person to be fitted with a pacemaker, from which he made a quick recovery.[2] Evans repeatedly attributed his longevity to abstinence from smoking, drinking and swearing.[3][4] On his 110th birthday, he visited London for the first time in his life.[2]

Evans is recognised as the world's oldest man from 25 November 1988, the date of death of Alphaeus Philemon Cole, until Evans' death.[5] Guinness had recognised Evans as the "world's oldest man" in 1989, but let the title lapse after his death, only to bring it back in 2000.

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