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Kona Coffee Belt is an area in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, U.S. where there are Kona coffee plantations and shops.[1]


It is said that Japanese sugarcane workers who had come to Hawaii were engaged in Kona Coffee plantations.[2]


The Kona Coffee Belt is located on Hualalai Mountain and Mauna Loa, about 500 meters above sea level.[3]It starts from Hawaii Route 190 on Palani Road, goes through Hawaii Route 180, also called North Kona Road or Kona Heritage Corridor, passes throu Holualoa, and merges with Hawaii Route 11 at Kainaliu and extends to Kealakekua and Hōnaunau.[4]

Main Coffee Plantations and Shops[edit]

The main coffee plantations and shops are as follows:

Along State Route 190 in Kailua-Kona[edit]

  • Hala Tree Coffee Farm - Located in Captain Cook Hawaii [5]
  • Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation and Tours- Located at elevation of 1000 meters. (3200 ft) [6]

Along State Route 180[edit]

The facilities along this route commends a nice view of Kailua Bay

Along State Route 11[edit]

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