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Kona Coffee Belt is an area in West Hawaii, Hawaii, U.S. where there are Kona coffee plantations and shops.[1]


The Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought the first coffee plant cuttings to Kealakekua-Kona, Hawaii in 1828. The cuttings were taken from plants growing at the home of chief Boki, governor of Oahu, who with help from agriculturalist, John Wilkinson, brought back several young plants acquired in Rio de Janeiro during a royal British voyage taken in 1825.

In the late 1800s, the period following the California gold rush, the Kona coffee industry saw its first boom with over three million coffee trees planted throughout West Hawaii. [2] All through the early 1900s the majority of small coffee farms self processed their coffee to the "green bean" stage and carried them by mule-pulled wagon to small seaports where awaiting ships would carry the coffee to San Francisco for roasting.

As of 2020, there are roughly 800 small Kona coffee farms, the bulk of which are 1-8 acres in size.


The Kona Coffee Belt is a recognized "terroir" located on Hualalai Mountain and Mauna Loa, ranging from 500 to 3200 feet above sea level.[3] It starts from Hawaii Route 190 on Palani Road, with Makalei being its most northern section, includes Koloko, goes through Hawaii Route 180, also called North Kona Road or Kona Heritage Corridor, passes through Holualoa, and merges with Hawaii Route 11 at Kainaliu and extends through Kealakekua and Hōnaunau[4] ending in Opihihale at the South Kona Coffee Estate. [5]


The Kona Coffee belt has a variety of factors that result in a coffee fruit with a distinctive set of characteristics. Some of the main factors include average rainfall (60+ inches per year average), slightly acidic, well-drained volcanic soil, mild temperature swings from day to night (85 degrees day, 60 degrees night average), sunny morning and cloudy afternoons, flowering in the dry season, fruiting during the wet season, and wind-protected western slopes.

Main coffee plantations and shops[edit]

The main coffee plantations and shops are as follows:

  • Greenwell Farms - Located in Kealakekua [6]
  • Hala Tree Coffee Farm - Located in Captain Cook Hawaii [7]
  • Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation and Tours- Located at elevation of 1000 meters. (3200 ft) [8]
  • Dotour Mauka Meadows [9]
  • UCC Kona Coffee Estate [10]
  • Holualoa Kona Coffee Company[11]
  • Kona Historical Society Museum[12]
  • Kona Coffee Living History Farm [13]

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