Lion's Den (The Outer Limits)

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"Lion's Den"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 7
Episode 18
Directed byMatt Hastings
Written byMatt Hastings
Original air dateSeptember 8, 2001
Guest appearance(s)

John Wesley Shipp as Peter Shotwell, Shawn Ashmore as Morris Shotwell, Roger R. Cross as Jon, Crystal Buble as Linda, Duncan Fraser as Coach Terni

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Rule of Law"
Next →
"The Tipping Point"
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"Lion's Den" is an episode of the seventh season of The Outer Limits. It aired on September 8, 2001 and was written and directed by Matt Hastings.


A pressured high school wrestling coach gives his team an experimental new drug to help them get to the state championships.

Opening narration[edit]


Coach Peter Shotwell used to be a contender. Back in Lewisborough High School he just missed his Olympic dreams when he blew out his knee. While his best friend Jon went on to international athletic stardom, Peter became coach of the Lewisborough Lions, the school's wrestling team. But in a series of bad years, this year's the worst. The Lions are at the bottom of the league and Morris, his son and a member of the team, is constantly angry at his dad for his failures. Jon tells Peter about a new performance-enhancing drug called Nuriflex 500 which he assures contains scientifically balanced nutrients that can help the team to victory. Peter hesitates, but with mounting pressure from the school's principal and his own son to win, he agrees to a trial run. The results are almost immediate and astonishing. With the Lions on the drug they soon rise to the top — but their startling success comes with a high price. Spliced with unusual DNA, the drug has side effects with horrific consequences.

Closing narration[edit]

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