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Greece has submitted films for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The award is handed out annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue.[1] It was created for the 1956 Academy Awards, in which a competitive Academy Award of Merit, known as the Best Foreign Language Film Award, was created for non-English speaking films, and has been given annually since.

For the 78th Academy Awards, Greece selected Nyfes but it was ruled ineligible for being in English.

In the 1990s, Greek film law stipulated that the winner of the Greek Film Competition at the Thessaloniki Film Festival would represent Greece at the Oscars the following year. After Greek films that were mostly in English (and thus ineligible for the Foreign Language Film award) won the award in 2005 and 2007, Greece decided to revise the selection process. Beginning in 2008, the Greek submission is determined by an ad hoc committee appointed under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture. The first film to be selected under the new rules was Correction, since El Greco contained too much English to qualify.[2]


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1956. The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees for the award.[1] Below is a list of the films that have been submitted by Greece for review by the Academy for the award by the year of the submission and the respective Academy Award ceremony.

Film title used in nomination Original title Director Result
The Lagoon of Desire Η λίμνη των πόθων Zervos, GiorgosGiorgos Zervos Not Nominated
Electra Ilektra (Ηλέκτρα) Cacoyannis, MichaelMichael Cacoyannis Nominated
The Red Lanterns Τα κόκκινα φανάρια Georgiadis, VasilisVasilis Georgiadis Nominated
Treason Προδοσία Manoussakis, KostasKostas Manoussakis Not Nominated
Blood on the Land Το χώμα βάφτηκε κόκκινο Georgiadis, VasilisVasilis Georgiadis Nominated
Queen of Clubs Dama Spathi (Ντάμα σπαθί) Skalenakis, GeorgeGeorge Skalenakis Not Nominated
Imperiale Βυζαντινή Ραψωδία Skalenakis, GeorgeGeorge Skalenakis Not Nominated
Girls in the Sun Κορίτσια στον Ήλιο Georgiadis, VasilisVasilis Georgiadis Not Nominated
The Travelling Players O Thiasos (Ο Θίασος) Angelopoulos, TheoTheo Angelopoulos Not Nominated
Iphigenia Ifigeneia (Iφιγένεια) Cacoyannis, MichaelMichael Cacoyannis Nominated
The Man with the Carnation Ο άνθρωπος με το γαρίφαλο Tzimas, NikosNikos Tzimas Not Nominated
Angel Angelos (Άγγελος) Katakouzinos, GiorgosGiorgos Katakouzinos Not Nominated
Theofilos Theofilos (Θεόφιλος) Papastathis, LakisLakis Papastathis Not Nominated
In the Shadow of Fear Στη σκιά του τρόμου Karypidis, YiorgosYiorgos Karypidis Not Nominated
Landscape in the Mist Τοπίο στην ομίχλη Angelopoulos, TheoTheo Angelopoulos Not Nominated
Love Under the Date-Tree Erotas sti hourmadia (Έρωτας στη χουρμαδιά) Tsiolis, StavrosStavros Tsiolis Not Nominated
Ulysses' Gaze Το Βλέμμα του Οδυσσέα Angelopoulos, TheoTheo Angelopoulos Not Nominated
Slaughter of the Cock Η Σφαγή του Κόκορα Pantzis, AndreasAndreas Pantzis Not Nominated
Eternity and a Day Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα Angelopoulos, TheoTheo Angelopoulos Not Nominated
From the Edge of the City Apo tin akri tis polis (Από την άκρη της πόλης) Giannaris, ConstantinosConstantinos Giannaris Not Nominated
Peppermint Peppermint Kapakas, CostasCostas Kapakas Not Nominated
In Good Company Enas & enas (Ένας κι ένας) Zapatinas, NikosNikos Zapatinas Not Nominated
The Only Journey of His Life Το μόνον της ζωής του ταξείδιον Papastathis, LakisLakis Papastathis Not Nominated
Think It Over Θα το Μετανιώσεις Evangelakou, KaterinaKaterina Evangelakou Not Nominated
A Touch of Spice Politiki kouzina (Πολίτικη Κουζίνα) Boulmetis, TassosTassos Boulmetis Not Nominated
Chariton's Choir I Horodia tou Haritona (Η χωρωδία του Χαρίτωνα) Karantinakis, GrigorisGrigoris Karantinakis Not Nominated
Eduart Eduart Antoniou, AngelikiAngeliki Antoniou Not Nominated
Correction Διόρθωση Anastopoulos, ThanosThanos Anastopoulos Not Nominated
Slaves in Their Bonds Οι Σκλάβοι στα Δεσμά τους Lykouresis, AdonisAdonis Lykouresis Not Nominated
Dogtooth Κυνόδοντας Lanthimos, YorgosYorgos Lanthimos Nominated[3]
Attenberg[4] Attenberg Athina Rachel Tsangari Not Nominated
Unfair World[5] Άδικος Κόσμος Filippos Tsitos Not Nominated
Boy Eating the Bird's Food[6] Το Αγόρι Τρώει το Φαγητό του Πουλιού Ektoras Lygizos Not Nominated
Little England[7] Μικρά Αγγλία Pantelis Voulgaris Not Nominated
Xenia[8] Ξενία Panos H. Koutras Not Nominated
Chevalier[9] Chevalier Athina Rachel Tsangari Not Nominated

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