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All the Indonesian Navy vessels are named with the prefix KRI (Kapal perang Republik Indonesia) or Naval Vessel of the Republic of Indonesia. Smaller boats which have a length less than 45 meters and lightly armed usually have the prefix KAL, standing for Kapal Angkatan Laut (Navy ships). The class are often named after lead ships or the first ship commissioned.

Naval Jack of Indonesia

The Navy consists of Frigates, Corvettes, Submarines, Fast Attack Craft, Minesweepers, Landing Transport Ships, Support Vessels and Training Ships.

Submarine Fleet[edit]

Indonesian Navy is expected to operate at least 8 submarines by 2024.[1]

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Note
Nagapasa-class DLTJ4R UEAEckdn Attack submarine KRI Nagapasa (403)
KRI Ardadedali (404)
KRI Alugoro (405)
 South Korea
1 under sea trial (404).

1 under construction in Indonesia (405).

Cakra-class Kri cakra 401 Attack submarine KRI Cakra (401)
KRI Nanggala (402)
 Germany In active service.

Surface Fleet[edit]


Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Martadinata-class Pkr 331.jpg Frigate KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331)
KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai (332)


In active service.[2]
Ahmad Yani-class Indonesia Frigate KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun.jpg Frigate KRI Ahmad Yani (351)
KRI Slamet Riyadi (352)
KRI Yos Sudarso (353)
KRI Oswald Siahaan (354)
KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma (355)
KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun (356)
 Netherlands In active service.

Ex-Van Speijk-class Frigate.


Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Diponegoro-class Diponegoro-class corvette Corvette KRI Diponegoro (365)
KRI Sultan Hasanuddin (366)
KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda (367)
KRI Frans Kaiseipo (368)
 Netherlands In active service.
Bung Tomo-class Indonesian corvette KRI John Lie (358) at sea in August 2015 Corvette KRI Bung Tomo (357)
KRI John Lie (358)
KRI Usman Harun (359)
 United Kingdom In active service.

Ex-Nakhoda Ragam-class Corvette.

Fatahillah-class KRI 361 Fatahillah Corvette KRI Fatahillah (361)
KRI Malahayati (362)
KRI Nala (363)
 Netherlands KRI Malahayati is currently undergoing Mid Life Modernization.

ASW Corvette[edit]

Originally, 16 ships were ordered. KRI Memet Sastrawiria was heavily damaged because of fire and was later decommissioned in 2008.[3] KRI Pati Unus (384) was decommissioned in 2017[4] following a fatal accident in 2016. Recently the remaining 14 ships are still in active service.

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
ASW Corvettes
Kapitan Pattimura-class CutNyakDien ASW Corvette KRI Kapitan Pattimura (371)
KRI Untung Suropati (372)
KRI Nuku (373)
KRI Lambung Mangkurat (374)
KRI Cut Nyak Dien (375)
KRI Sultan Thaha (376)
KRI Sutanto (377)
KRI Sutedi Senoputra (378)
KRI Wiratno (379)
KRI Tjiptadi (381)
KRI Hasan Basri (382)
KRI Imam Bonjol (383)
KRI Teuku Umar (385)
KRI Silas Papare (386)
 East Germany In active service.

Ex-Parchim I-class (Project 1331M) Corvette.

Fast Missile Boat[edit]

Fast Missile Boat (FMB) or in Indonesian Kapal Cepat Rudal (KCR) are small vessels that are used in a hit-and-run naval strategy.

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Fast Missile Boat
Mandau-class Kribadik Fast Missile Boat KRI Mandau (621)
KRI Rencong (622)
KRI Badik (623)
KRI Keris (624)
 South Korea In active service.
Clurit-class Mandau-class Fast Missile Boat 40M KRI Clurit (641)
KRI Kujang (642)
KRI Beladau (643)
KRI Alamang (644)
KRI Surik (645)
KRI Siwar (646)
KRI Parang (647)
KRI Terapang (648)
 Indonesia In active service.
Sampari-class 16tombak.jpg Fast Missile Boat 60M Batch I
KRI Sampari (628)
KRI Tombak (629)
KRI Halasan (630)
Batch II
KRI Kerambit (627)[5]
 Indonesia Batch I in active service.

Batch II launched.

Patrol Fleet[edit]

The ship list below mention ships that are considered as KRI because it's equipped with heavy and adequate armament or equipment. Beside that, the Indonesian Navy also have numerous smaller patrol boats that classify as KAL. This type of boats were used as a secondary fleet to maintain the law of Indonesian coastal sea. Most of these smaller boats (less than 45 meters in length) are lightly armed and better known domestically as PC or Patroli Cepat (Fast Patrol) vessel followed by their overall length.

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Note
Patrol Boat
FPB 57-class FPB-57 Class Patrol Boat FPB-57 Nav I
KRI Kakap (811)
KRI Kerapu (812)
KRI Tongkol (813)
KRI Barakuda (814)
FPB-57 Nav II
KRI Singa (651)
KRI Ajak (653)
FPB-57 Nav IV
KRI Pandrong (801)
KRI Sura (802)
FPB-57 Nav V
KRI Todak (631)
KRI Lemadang (632)
KRI Hiu (634)
KRI Layang (635)


FPB-57 Nav I
Equipped with deck for light helicopter.
FPB-57 Nav II
Equipped with SUT Torpedo.
FPB-57 Nav IV
KRI Pandrong (801) equipped with C-802 missile.
FPB-57 Nav V
KRI Hiu (634) & KRI Layang (635) equipped with C-802 missile.
Pari-class Pariclass Patrol Boat Batch I
KRI Pari (849)
KRI Sembilang (850)
KRI Sidat (851)[6]
Batch II

KRI Cakalang (852)
KRI Tatihu (853)
KRI Layaran (854)
KRI Madidihang (855)
KRI Kurau (856)
KRI Torani (860)
KRI Lepu (861)

 Indonesia PC-40 & PC-43 patrol boat (Clurit-class version without C-705 missile).

Built by PT. Palindo Marine, PT. Caputra Mitra Sejati, PT. Citra Shipyard & PT. Karimun Anugrah Sejati.

Sibarau-class KRI Tenggiri Patrol Boat KRI Siliman (848)
KRI Sigalu (857)
KRI Silea (858)
KRI Siribua (859)
KRI Siada (862)
KRI Sikuda (863)
KRI Sigurot (864)
KRI Tenggiri (865)
 Australia In active service.

Ex-Attack-class patrol boat.

KRI Sibarau (847) sank in December 2017.[7]

Badau-class Badau-class Patrol Boat KRI Badau (841)
KRI Salawaku (842)


In active service.

Ex-Waspada-class fast attack craft.

Krait-class Krait-class Patrol Boat KRI Krait (827)  Indonesia In active service.

Built by Fasharkan TNI AL Mentigi with PT. Batam Expresindo Shipyard.

Boa-class (KRI) Boa-class Patrol Boat KRI Taliwangsa (870)  Indonesia PC-36 patrol boat made with fiberglass.

Majority of vessels have changed status to KAL.

Cucut-class Patrol Boat KRI Cucut (866)  Singapore In active service.

Ex-RSS Jupiter Diving Support Ship of Singapore Navy.[8]

Boa-class (KAL) Kriwelang Patrol Boat KAL Boa
KAL Welang
KAL Suluh Pari
KAL Katon
KAL Sanca
KAL Piton
KAL Warakas
KAL Kalagian
KAL Kalakay
KAL Mulga
KAL Panana
KAL Tedong Naga
KAL Viper
KAL Weling
KAL Tedung Selar
KAL Patola
KAL Tarihu
KAL Alkura
KAL Birang
KAL Kobra
KAL Anakonda
 Indonesia PC-36 & PC-40 patrol boat made with fiberglass.

Constructed by Fasharkan TNI AL Mentigi, Fasharkan TNI AL Manokwari, Fasharkan TNI AL Jakarta & Fasharkan TNI AL Tanjung Pinang

In active service.

Bawean-class Patrol Boat KAL Bawean  Indonesia PC-32M patrol boat built by PT. Palindo Marine
Bireuen-class Patrol Boat KAL Bireuen
KAL Kumai
KAL Mapor
 Indonesia PC-28M patrol boats built by PT. Palindo Marine.

In active service.[9]

KAL-28M-class KAL Pulau Mego (II-2-15) Patrol Boat Propeller
KAL Pulau Siantan
KAL Pulau Karakelang
KAL Pulau Nustual
KAL Pulau Ambalat
KAL Pulau Sangihe
KAL Pulau Trangan
KAL Pulau Mego
KAL Pulau Siba
KAL Belongas
KAL Marapas
KAL Lemukutan
KAL Tanjung Pinang
KAL Bunyu
KAL Kelambau
KAL Wayag
KAL Tidore
Water Jet
KAL Sinabang
KAL Sengiap
 Indonesia PC-28M patrol boats built by PT. Tesco Indomaritim & PT. Palindo Marine.

In active service.[10][11]

Combat Boat 18M-class Patkamla Bali (I-5-36) Fast Assault-craft/Patrol Boat Patkamla Mamburungan
Patkamla Pulau Bakau
Patkamla Bali
Patkamla Lamaru
Patkamla Coebang
Patkamla Pelambong
Patkamla Pulau Sebesi
Patkamla Karimun
Patkamla Gebang
Patkamla Pulau Yapen
Patkamla Pulau Langkai
Patkamla Pulau Pagerungan
Patkamla Pulau Semau
 Indonesia Combat Boat-18M Fast Assault-craft built by PT. Tesco Indomaritim & PT. Palindo Marine.

In active service.


Mine countermeasure vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Mine countermeasure vessels
Pulau Rengat-class KRI Pulau Rengat 711.jpg Mine countermeasures vessel KRI Pulau Rengat (711)
KRI Pulau Rupat (712)
 Netherlands Taken from Royal Netherlands Navy orders (previously named M864 Willemstad & M863 Vlaardingen).
Pulau Rote-class KRI Kelabang.jpg Mine countermeasures vessel KRI Pulau Rote (721)
KRI Pulau Raas (722)
KRI Pulau Romang (723)
KRI Pulau Rimau (724)
KRI Pulau Rempang (729)
KRI Pulau Rusa (726)
KRI Pulau Rangsang (727)
KRI Kala Hitam (828) - (ex-KRI Pulau Raibu 728)
KRI Kelabang (826) - (ex-KRI Pulau Rondo 725)
 East Germany Ex-Kondor II-class minesweepers.

KRI Kala Hitam (828) and KRI Kelabang (826) were converted into patrol duty vessels due to minehunting equipment failures.[12]

Amphibious Forces[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Amphibious Fleet
Makassar-class Kri makassar-590 Landing Platform Dock KRI Makassar (590)
KRI Surabaya (591)
KRI tba[13]
 South Korea


2 In active service.
1 under construction.
Banjarmasin-class KRI Banjarmasin 592 Landing Platform Dock KRI Banjarmasin (592)
KRI Banda Aceh (593)
 Indonesia Sister-ship of Makassar-class LPD (Modified Makassar design).
Teluk Bintuni-class 28bintuni2OK Landing Ship Tank KRI Teluk Kendari (518)[14]
KRI Teluk Kupang (519)[14]
KRI Teluk Bintuni (520)[15][16]
KRI AT-4 (yard number)
KRI AT-5 (yard number)
KRI AT-6 (yard number)
KRI AT-7 (yard number)
 Indonesia 1 in service.
2 under sea trial.
4 under construction.[17][18][19][20]

AT stands for Angkut Tank or Tank Transport

Teluk Langsa-class KRI Teluk Amboina 503.jpg Landing Ship Tank KRI Teluk Amboina (503)
KRI Teluk Ratai (509)
KRI Teluk Bone (511)
 United States
(503) was bought from Japan in 1961.

In active service.

Teluk Semangka-class KRI Teluk Mandar Landing Ship Tank KRI Teluk Penyu (513)
KRI Teluk Mandar (514)
KRI Teluk Sampit (515)
KRI Teluk Banten (516)
KRI Teluk Ende (517)
 South Korea The last two ships in the series (516 & 517) include a large hangar built into the superstructure.
Teluk Gilimanuk-class Teluk Gilimanuk-class Landing Ship Medium KRI Teluk Gilimanuk (531)
KRI Teluk Celukan Bawang (532)
KRI Teluk Cendrawasih (533)
KRI Teluk Peleng (535)
KRI Teluk Sibolga (536)
KRI Teluk Manado (537)
KRI Teluk Hading (538)
KRI Teluk Parigi (539)
KRI Teluk Lampung (540)
KRI Teluk Jakarta (541)
KRI Teluk Sangkulirang (542)
KRI Teluk Cirebon (543)
KRI Teluk Sabang (544)
 East Germany In active service.

Ex-Frosch I (531-542) & Frosch II (543-544)-class medium landing ships.

Dore-class Landing Craft Utility KRI Dore (580)  Austria Small LCU commisioned in 1968.

In active service.

Kupang-class Landing Craft Utility KRI Dili (583)
KRI Nusa Utara (584)
 Indonesia Built by PT. PAL based on modified LCU 1610 design

Hospital Ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Hospital Ship
Tanjung Dalpele-class Tanjung Delpele-class Hospital Ship Hospital Ship KRI Dr. Soeharso (990)  South Korea in active service.

Ex-KRI Tanjung Dalpele (972).

Support Fleet[edit]


Class Picture Type Boats Origin Note
Training Ship
Schooner Training Ship KRI Arung Samudera  New Zealand Used in tall ship races and events around the world. Ex-Adventurer.
Barquentine Dewaruci.jpg Training Ship KRI Dewaruci  Germany In active service.

Limited for cadet training on domestic waters only.

Ki Hajar Dewantara-class Jalayuda240308.jpg Training Frigate KRI Ki Hajar Dewantara (364)  Yugoslavia Custom-built training frigate.[21]
Barque Training Ship KRI Bima Suci  Spain Gradually replacing KRI Dewaruci as Navy cadet training ship.

Oceanographic and Research Vessel[edit]

Indonesian Navy's Rigel-class are considered as one of the most advanced oceanographic and research vessel because of its equipment and technology.

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Note
Oceanographic and Research Vessel
Hecla-class SAS Protea.jpg Oceanographic and Research Vessel KRI Dewa Kembar (932)  United Kingdom In active service.

Ex-HMS Hydra.

Rigel-class Indonesian Navy ship KRI Rigel in Kochi.jpg Oceanographic and Research Vessel KRI Rigel (933)
KRI Spica (934)
 France In active service.

Command ship (AGFH)[edit]

Build as submarine tender but later converted into command ship with the addition of hangar for medium class helicopter and radar in 1998. The vessel is capable of providing replenishment at sea.

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Note
Command Ship
Multatuli-class StateLibQld 1 133901 Multatuli.jpg Command Ship KRI Multatuli (561)  Japan In active service.

Fleet Tugs (ATF)[edit]

KRI Rakata (922, ex-USS Menominee), an ocean tugboat was decommissioned in 2003. The ship later sunk as missiles and torpedoes target during firing exercise in 2004. The ship received multiple direct hit from anti-ship missile and SUT Torpedo.

TD Malabar
No Ship Name Ship Type Origin Hull Numbers Note
1 KRI Soputan Ocean-going tugboat  South Korea 923 In active service
2 KRI Leuser  Indonesia 924 In active service
3 TD Galunggung Coastal tugboat  Indonesia - In active service
4 TD Anjasmoro  Indonesia In active service
5 TD Malabar  Indonesia In active service
6 TD Lawu  Indonesia In active service
7 TD Bromo  Indonesia In active service
8 TD Tinombala  Indonesia In active service
9 TD Wilis  Indonesia In active service
10 TD Merapi  Indonesia In active service
11 TD Merbabu  Indonesia In active service
12 TD Tambora  Indonesia In active service
KRI Mentawai

Support Ships (AKL)[edit]

KRI Karimata (960) was decommissioned in May 2016 due to fire damage.[22] The ship later used as a target for C-705 missile and SUT torpedo in September 2016.[23]

KRI Waigeo (961) was decommissioned in 2018.[24]

No Ship Name Ship Class Origin Hull Numbers Note
1 KRI Mentawai Telaud (Tisza)-class  Hungary 959 In active service

Troop Transport Ship (AP)[edit]

KRI Tanjung Nusanive

KRI Karang Banteng (983) and KRI Karang Galang (984) were decommissioned in 2014 and 2008. Both of this ships were retired to reduce the operational cost of the Indonesian Navy. KRI Karang Banteng sunk in 2014 after used as target ship for 2 Exocet missiles and 2 C-802 Missiles.[25] KRI Karang Galang sunk in 2008 after used as target ship for C-802 missile.

KRI Karang Unarang (985) was transferred to Sangihe region to serve as commercial ship.

KRI Tanjung Oisina (972) and KRI Tanjung Fatagar (974) were decommissioned in 2005 and 2014 respectively and both were sold for scrap.[26]

KRI Karang Pilang & KRI Karang Tekok
No Ship Name Ship Class Origin Hull Numbers Previously Note
1 KRI Tanjung Kambani Tanjung Kambani-class  Japan 971 Dong Yang Express Ferry No.6 In active service
2 KRI Tanjung Nusanive Tanjung Nusanive-class  Germany 973 KM Kambuna In active service[27]
3 KRI Karang Pilang Karang Pilang-class  Germany 981 KFC Ambulu In active service[28][29]
4 KRI Karang Tekok  Germany 982 KFC Mahakam In active service


Indonesian Navy Hovercraft

Indonesian Navy operate several locally produced hovercraft since 2005 and bear the name of Hovercraft Angkatan Laut (Navy Hovercraft) or HAL followed by their hull numbers.[30] They mainly served as troop or VIP transport during ship-to-shore landing exercise with capacity of 20 passenger.[31] Some of the vessel are also known to be deployed abroad KRI Dr. Soeharso.[32]

No Ship Name Origin Hull Numbers Note
1 HAL-01  Indonesia 01 In active service
2 HAL-02  Indonesia 02 In active service
3 HAL-03  Indonesia 03 In active service
4 HAL-04  Indonesia 04 In active service
5 HAL-05  Indonesia 05 In active service
KAL Yudhistira

Presidential Yacht[edit]

Indonesian Navy currently commissioned a 30 meters long, locally built yacht since 2007 for VVIP transport and accommodation named KAL Yudhistira.[33] The vessel mainly used as VVIP transport for President or Navy's Chief of Staff during naval exercise or fleet review.[34]

No Ship Name Origin Hull Numbers Note
1 KAL Yudhistira  Indonesia II.02[35] In active service

Tanker ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Origin Note
Balikpapan-class Coastal Tanker KRI Balikpapan (901)
KRI Sambu (902)
 Japan In active service.

Ex-commercial tanker.

Rover-class RFA Black Rover Tanker KRI Arun (903)  United Kingdom In active service.

Ex-RFA Green Rover (A268)

Sungai Pakning-class Small Tanker KRI Sungai Gerong (906)  Yugoslavia In active service.
Sorong-class Tanker KRI Sorong (911)  Yugoslavia In active service.
Tarakan-class Tanker KRI Tarakan (905)[19][20][36][37]
KRI tba[38]
 Indonesia 1 in active service.

1 under construction.[39]

tba Tanker KRI tba[40]  Indonesia Under construction.

Naval Weapon Systems[edit]

Name Origin Type Version Used by Notes
Naval artillery
Bofors 120 mm  Sweden Dual-purpose gun Bofors 120 mm/46 TAK120 Fatahillah-class Corvette[41]
Oto Melara 76 mm  Italy Dual-purpose gun 76 mm/62 Compact & Super Rapid Diponegoro-class Corvette
Ahmad Yani-class Frigate
Bung Tomo-class Corvette
Martadinata-class Frigate
Bofors SAK 57 mm  Sweden Dual-purpose gun Bofors SAK 57mm/70 Mk.1 & Mk.2 Mandau-class FAC-M[42]
Ki Hajar Dewatara-class Training Frigatte[42]
Singa-class FAC-T[43]
Pandrong-class FPB/FAC-M[43]
Todak-class FPB/FAC-M[44]
AK-725  Soviet Union Dual-purpose gun AK-725 57 mm/75 (ZIF-72) Parchim-class Corvette[45]
Bofors 40 mm  Sweden Dual-purpose gun Bofors 40 mm L/60 & L/70 in various configuration Fatahillah-class Corvette

Mandau-class FAC-M

Kakap-class FPB

Singa-class FAC-T

Pandrong-class FPB/FAC-M

Todak-class FPB/FAC-M

Makassar-class LPD

Banjarmasin-class LPD

Teluk Bintuni-class LST

Teluk Semangka-class LST

Sibarau-class PB

Sampari-class FAC-M

Soputan-class Ocean-going Tugboat

M1939 (61-K) 37 mm  Soviet Union Anti-aircraft Gun 70-K Single & V-11 Twin 37 mm/67 Naval Mount Multatuli-class Command Ship

Teluk Gilimanuk-class LST

Teluk Langsa-class LST

Oerlikon Millennium 35 mm Naval Gun   Switzerland CIWS Oerlikon Millennium 35 mm Naval Gun Martadinata-class Frigate
AK-230  Soviet Union Dual-purpose gun AK-230 30 mm/63 Twin Mount Parchim-class Corvette
Type 730 CIWS  China CIWS Type 730b 7-barrel 30 mm Parchim-class Corvette[46] H/PJ-12
Type 630 CIWS  China CIWS NG-18 6-barrel 30 mm Clurit-class FAC-M[47]
Sampari-class FAC-M
Chinese version of AK-630 (H/PJ-13)
Oerlikon/BMARC GCM-A03 30mm  United Kingdom RCWS GCM-A03-2 30 mm/75 Twin Mount Badau-class PB[48]
DS-30B 30 mm  United Kingdom RCWS DS-30B Mark 2 30 mm REMSIG Bung Tomo-class Corvette[49]
Oto Melara MARLIN - WS  Italy RCWS MARLIN - WS 30 mm Pari-class PB (Batch-2)[50] [51][52]
2M-3 25 mm  Soviet Union Anti-aircraft Gun 2M-3M 25 mm/79 Twin Mount Pulau Rote-class Minesweeper

Krait-class PB

Boa-class PB

Teluk Gilimanuk-class LST

Tanjung Kambani-class Troop Transport[53]

Oerlikon 20 mm   Switzerland Anti-aircraft Gun Oerlikon 20 mm/70 Mk.4 Single Mount Boa-class PB

Cucut-class PB

KAL-28M-class PB (Propeller)

Denel Land Systems GI-2  South Africa Autocannon Denel Land Systems GI-2 20 mm Parchim-class Corvette[54]
Clurit-class FAC-M[55]
Diponegoro-class Corvette[55]
Rigel-class MPRV[56]
Tanjung Nusanive-class Troop Transport[57]
Denel Land Systems GA-1  South Africa Autocannon Denel Land Systems GA-1 20 mm Martadinata-class Frigate[59]
Yudhistira-class Presidential Yacht
Makassar-class LPD[60]
Banjarmasin-class LPD[61]
KAL-28M-class PB (Water jet)[11]
Boa-class PB[62]
Rheinmetall Rh 202  Germany Autocannon Rh 202 20 mm/65 Mark 20 Single Naval Mount Mandau-class FAC-M[64]
Singa-class FAC-T[65]
Pandrong-class FPB/FAC-M[66]
Pulau Rengat-class Minehunter[66]
Todak-class FPB/FAC-M[67]
Fatahillah-class Corvette[68]
Ki Hajar Dewatara-class Training Frigatte[69]
Karang Pilang-class Troop Transport[70]
Teluk Semangka-class LST[71]
Yugoimport-SDPR M71  Serbia Autocannon M71/08 20 mm Naval AD Weapon System Pari-class PB (Batch-1)[72][73] [74][75]
Anti-ship missiles
Yakhont  Russia anti-ship missile (AShM) P-800 Yakhont Ahmad Yani-class Frigate
MBDA Exocet  France anti-ship missile (AShM) MM38

MM40 Block 2

MM40 Block 3

Fatahillah-class Corvette

Ki Hajar Dewatara-class Training Frigatte
Diponegoro-class Corvette

Bung Tomo-class Corvette

Martadinata-class Frigate

Mandau-class FAC-M

C-802  China anti-ship missile (AShM) C-802 Ahmad Yani-class Frigate

Todak-class FPB/FAC-M

Pandrong-class FPB/FAC-M

C-705  China anti-ship missile (AShM) C-705 Clurit-class FAC-M[55]
Sampari-class FAC-M
Surface-to-air missile
MBDA Mistral  France surface-to-air missile (SAM) MBDA Mistral Simbad
Ahmad Yani-class Frigate

Diponegoro-class Corvette

MBDA MICA  France surface-to-air missile (SAM) MBDA VL MICA-M Bung Tomo-class Corvette

Martadinata-class Frigate

AEG SUT  Germany Heavyweight torpedo AEG SUT 264 - 533 mm Cakra-class Submarine

Ki Hajar Dewatara-class Training Frigatte

Singa-class FAC-T

WASS A244-S  Italy Lightweight torpedo A244-S mod 3 - 324 mm Diponegoro-class Corvette

Bung Tomo-class Corvette

Martadinata-class Frigate

Mark 46 torpedo  United States Lightweight torpedo Mark 46 - 324 mm Ahmad Yani-class Frigate

Fatahillah-class Corvette

Parchim-class Corvette

SET-40  Soviet Union Lightweight torpedo СЭТ-40UE - 400 mm Parchim-class Corvette
Anti-submarine Rocket
Bofors Twin ASW Rocket Launcher  Sweden ASW rocket Bofors 375 mm twin barrel ASW rocket - 375 mm Fatahillah-class Corvette
RBU-6000  Soviet Union ASW rocket RBU-6000 Smerch-2 - 213 mm Parchim-class Corvette

Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard[edit]

KPLP / Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard[edit]

Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard or Kesatuan Penjaga Laut dan Pantai (KPLP) is a semi-military unit that established to control Indonesia sailing safety. KPLP is the first Indonesian Coast Guard and separated from BAKAMLA. Technically, Indonesia has two different coast guard to maintain its territorial. KPLP is directly under Indonesian Ministry of Transportation command. BAKAMLA is under the command of the President.

Current Fleet[edit]

Class Type Ships Origin Note
Class 1 (60 m) Patrol Ship KN Trisula (P.111)
KN sarotama (P.112)
KN Alugara (P.114)
KN Kalimasadha (P.115)
KN Chundamani (P.116)
KN Kalawai (P.117)
KN Gandiwa (P.118)
 Indonesia In active service.
Class 2 (40 m) Patrol Ship KN Kujang (P.201)[76]
KN Celurit (P.203)
KN Cundrik (P.204)[77]
KN Belati (P.205)[78]
KN Golok (P.206)
KN Panah (P.207)
KN Pedang (P.208)
KN Kapak (P.209)
KN Rantos (P.210)
KN Grantin (P.211)
KN Pasatimpo (P.212)
KN Damaru (P.214)
KN Jembio (P.215)[79]
 Indonesia In active service.

Class 3, 4 and 5[edit]

KPLP also have hundreds of class 3 until 5 ship. These ship have smaller size than class 1 or 2.

Future Fleet[edit]

In the next 5 years or until 2019. KPLP are planning to acquire at least 500 patrol vessel from different size to strengthen its patrol fleet.

BAKAMLA / Indonesian Coast Guard[edit]

The Indonesia Coast Guard or Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia (BAKAMLA, literally means Maritime Security Board) is a maritime patrol and rescue on the Republic of Indonesia territorial water.

Current fleet[edit]

All were built by Indonesian ship company and if necessary, all of these ship can be modified to equipped with anti-ship missile.

Class Type Ships Origin Note
110m -class Patrol Ship KN Tanjung Datu (1101)[80]  Indonesia Under sea trial.
48m -class Patrol Ship KN Bintang Laut (4801)[81]
KN Singa Laut (4802)[82]
KN Kuda Laut (4803)[83]
KN Gajah Laut (4804)[84]
KN Ular Laut (4805)
KN Belut Laut (4806)[85]
 Indonesia In active service.

Future Project[edit]


Indonesia has no plans to acquire destroyers anytime soon but some sources reported that in Indo Defence 2016, South Korea tried to offer its KDX III or Sejong the Great class destroyer to the Indonesian Navy. There's no further information about this report, and both Indonesia and South Korea denied this information.


Indonesian Navy want to acquire at least two additional frigates to replace the current Van speijk-class frigate. There is a plan to open a tender in 2017 to choose the ships

Landing Platform Dock[edit]

Some sources said that the Indonesian Navy already signed a contract worth IDR 700 billion to build one additional Landing Platform Dock to strengthen its amphibious fleet. The ship will be built at PT PAL. However, the government still refuses to make public announcement about this news. Kolinlamil reported that Indonesian Navy will order at least 3 additional LPD to reaching MEF in 2024.[86]

Fast Missile Boat[edit]

In early 2017, the Indonesian Navy has ordered 1 FMB-60 / KCR-60 worth IDR 220 Billion with the consideration to buy 3 more vessels of the same class.[87] To fulfill the MEF project, Indonesian Navy hopes to receive at least 20 FMB-60 / KCR-60 vessels by 2024.[88]

Patrol Vessel[edit]

In 2017, Indonesian Navy will hold an open tender to buy at least two Offshore Patrol Vessels or OPV to strengthen its fleet.


Kolinlamil said that Indonesian Navy will procure at least 6 new LSTs to replace the older vessel and strengthen the capability of the Indonesian Navy in real battle.[86]


The Indonesian Navy has allocated $215 million to replace its two Tripartite class minesweepers.[89]


20 December 2011, the Indonesian Defense Ministry and Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering (DSME) signed the contract 3 submarines worth $1.07b. two submarines will be built in South Korea in cooperation with state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL, while the third submarine will be built at PT PAL’s facilities in Surabaya. Deliveries will be in 2015 and 2016. The submarines are to satisfy a partial requirement of as the 2024 Defense Strategic Plan 10 to 14 submarines as the minimum essential force.[90] Some report said that 3 more submarine will be ordered by Indonesian Navy soon.[91]

Former ship[edit]

Gallery of ships[edit]

See also[edit]


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BRN: British Royal Navy
USN: United States Navy
RNN: Royal Netherlands Navy
GDR: German Democratic Republic Navy (Volksmarine)
RFA: Royal Fleet Auxiliary

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