List of reptiles of Kansas

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List of Kansas reptiles lists snakes, turtles and lizards found in Kansas.


Kansas is home to fifteen species of turtles.[1]

Family Chelydridae – snapping turtles

Family Kinosternidae – mud and musk turtles

Family Emydidae – basking and box turtles

Family Trionychidae – softshell turtles


There are 16 species of lizards in Kansas.[2]

Anguidae – Lateral Fold Lizards

Crotaphytidae – Collared and Leopard Lizards

Gekkonidae – Geckos

Lacertidae – Lacertas (wall and true lizards)

Phrynosomatidae – Spiny Lizards

Scincidae – Skinks

Teiidae – Whiptails


Grass Snake Rattlesnake Bull Snake

Venomous species[edit]

Non-venomous species[edit]

MT)This snake has enlarged grooved teeth near the back of the upper jaw and secretes a mildly toxic saliva to incapacitate its prey. However, it is not considered dangerous to humans.


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