Meadowridge Common

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Meadowridge Common
Map showing the location of Meadowridge Common
Map showing the location of Meadowridge Common
Map of Cape Town
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Coordinates 34°02′15″S 18°27′10″E / 34.03752°S 18.45268°E / -34.03752; 18.45268Coordinates: 34°02′15″S 18°27′10″E / 34.03752°S 18.45268°E / -34.03752; 18.45268[1]
Area 8 ha (20 acres)
Sparaxis bulbifera growing in Cape Flats Sand Fynbos on Meadowridge Common.

Meadowridge Common is an 8-hectare (20-acre) reserve in the Meadowridge suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, which preserves a fragment of critically endangered Cape Flats Sand Fynbos vegetation.[2]

The preserve contains over a hundred plant species, including 4 that are endangered. The endangered Cape Rain Frog (Breviceps gibbosus) is one of the many small animals that have been seen here. In spring, the park becomes very colourful as the indigenous fynbos bursts into flower.

This small reserve is managed by the City of Cape Town, but faces considerable challenges. Not least of which are invasive alien plants such as Pine trees and Kikuyu grass. The reserve’s small size and isolation from other natural areas also make species extinction a much greater risk. [3] [4]

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