Steenberg railway station

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Metrorail station
Location Henley Road, Steenberg 7945
Coordinates 34°04′36″S 18°27′49″E / 34.0767°S 18.4637°E / -34.0767; 18.4637Coordinates: 34°04′36″S 18°27′49″E / 34.0767°S 18.4637°E / -34.0767; 18.4637
Owned by PRASA
Platforms island platform
Tracks 2
Connections Taxis on Retreat-Steenberg-Grassy Park route
Structure type At-grade
Parking approx. 50 spaces
Preceding station   Metrorail   Following station
towards Cape Town
Southern Line
towards Simon's Town
Steenberg is located in Cape Town
Location within the Cape Town metropolitan area

Steenberg railway station is a Metrorail station on the Southern Line in Steenberg, a suburb of Cape Town. It is located on Henley Road, which is just off Military Road. The station is located on the edge of Steenberg, towards Kirstenhof and is alongside the Keyser River, which flows into Zandvlei.

Steenberg has a small taxi rank which only serves Grassy Park and Steenberg. Busses to Cape Town are only available at early times of the morning.

The station has an island platform, connected by a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. In normal operation, Platform 1 (the western platform) is used for trains travelling towards Cape Town, while Platform 2 (the eastern platform) is used for trains travelling towards Simon's Town.

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