Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme

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Dam and tower of the Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme seen from the Palmiet River

The Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme consists of two 200 megawatts (270,000 hp) turbine units located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) upstream of the Kogelberg Dam on the Palmiet River near Cape Town, South Africa.[1] The pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant is capable of responding to a surge in peak power demand in minutes.[2] At night, excess power on the grid generated by conventional coal and nuclear plants is used to pump water to the Upper Reservoir overlooking Gordon's Bay.

It is regarded[by whom?] as a forerunner in environmental engineering. The whole Palmiet site is a conservation area and in December 1998 the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO - the first in South Africa.

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