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Mean Chey District (Khmer: ខណ្ឌមានជ័យ, "Victorious") is located in the south-eastern part of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The district has an area of 43.79 km². According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 157,112.[1]


Mean Chey is subdivided into 4 Sangkats (communes) and 16 Kroms (villages).[2][3]

Sangkat (communes) Krom (villages)
Stueng Mean Chey Ruessei, Thmei, Trea, Mean Chey, Phneat, Preaek Toal, Damnak Thum
Boeng Tumpun Chamraeun Phal, Sansam Kosal Muoy, Sansam Kosal Pir, Kbal Tumnob, Tnaot Chrum
Chak Angrae Leu Preaek Ta Kong, Preaek Ta Nu
Chak Angrae Kraom Tuol Roka, Preaek Ta Long


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