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The Munich Re Foundation is a charitable organisation, which was founded by Munich Re, an internationally operating reinsurance company. The foundation started its work on 7 April 2005.

Main topics[edit]

The foundation is equipped with a capital of €50 million and works predominantly in newly industrializing and developing countries. The main topics of the foundation are:

Prime concern of the foundation is to develop solutions for people at risk. The knowledge of Munich Re's experts should therefore be translated into action. Hence, the working motto of the foundation is ‘Munich Re Foundation – from knowledge to action’. The main activities of the foundation concentrate on four fields: knowledge accumulation and implementation, clarification and sensitisation, networking of experts as well as direct help and support of local projects.

The foundation works with local, national as well as international partners. The majority of projects fit within a global framework. Since adaptation to climate and environmental change is much more difficult for poorer countries, the focus of the foundation is primarily on people in the developing world.

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