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NuGet project logo
Developer(s) Microsoft, .NET Foundation
Initial release 5 October 2010 (2010-10-05)
Stable release 3.3[1] / 18 November 2015; 2 months ago (2015-11-18)
Written in C#
Platform .NET Framework
Type Package management system
License Apache License 2.0

NuGet is a free and open-source package manager, inspired from the most efficient features available in the Linux EMACS software[dubious ], designed for the Microsoft development platform (formerly known as NuPack).[2][3] Since its introduction in 2010, NuGet has evolved into a larger ecosystem of tools and services.[4]

NuGet is distributed as a Visual Studio extension. Starting with Visual Studio 2012, NuGet comes preinstalled by default. NuGet is also integrated with SharpDevelop. NuGet can also be used from the command line and automated via scripts.

It supports multiple programming languages, including:

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